Tom Hanks Possibly Delayed Jim Carrey’s Hollywood Breakthrough by a Decade After Snatching a Crucial Role in a $38 Million Hit Movie

Tom Hanks Possibly Delayed Jim Carrey's Hollywood Breakthrough by a Decade After Snatching a Crucial Role in a $38 Million Hit Movie

Tom Hanks has not only been a part of Hollywood blockbusters but also has a fair share of box office disasters under his belt. But, no matter how many unsuccessful movies he did, Hanks’ career is loaded with a variety of projects, starting from drama to comedies. 

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Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks

This brings us to Tom Hanks’ initial years in the entertainment industry, where he began with comedy movies like Bachelor Party. But there was a fair share of competition from other terrific comedy actors like Jim Carrey. But unfortunately, Hanks got the role, which ended up possibly delaying Carrey’s breakthrough role, by a decade.


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Tom Hanks Started His Career With Comedy Movies 

Having a legendary Hollywood run for more than a few decades, Tom Hanks has become a renowned veteran star. But initially, even the actor witnessed his years of struggle, after rising in the entertainment industry as a comedy actor. Appearing in TV’s Bosom Buddies, Hanks made his film debut with a horror flick He Knows You’re Alone (1980). 

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks started his career with comedies

Eventually, within a few years, Hanks turned into a household name and got his leading man status in Hollywood. However, his legendary run didn’t begin, until the actor started his film career with his steps in the world of comedies. Although the actor played the role of elite professionals in recent years, in Sully, Bridge of Spies, and Greyhound, Hanks initially began with comedies. 

Bachelor Party
Bachelor Party (1984)

Appearing in Bachelor Party, a raucous s*x comedy Tom Hanks played the role of a groom-to-be whose friends surprised him with a wild bachelor party to celebrate his upcoming wedding. But, since Hanks was then a rising star, the actor thus faced immense competition for his role in the comedy film. Evidently, Hanks almost lost his role to none other than Jim Carrey. 


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Tom Hanks Replaced Jim Carrey For Bachelor Party 

When Tom Hanks auditioned for his role in Bachelor Party, Jim Carrey was hoping to find his Hollywood break. After performing in the short-lived sitcom The Duck Factory, Carrey tried figuring out his career in films. That’s when he appeared in the supernatural s*x comedy, 1985’s Once Bitten. Thereafter, the actor tried his solid stand-in for Bachelor Party. 

Tom Hanks
Hanks almost lost his $38M role to Jim Carrey

However, Jim Carrey lost his golden opportunity to Tom Hanks. Thus, it is believed if only Carrey had appeared in Bachelor Party, he could have become a household name much earlier. As the movie earned $38M against its $7M budget, Bachelor Party turned into a major hit, catapulting Hanks’ fame. 

Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey almost had his breakout role with Bachelor Party

Thus, given the opportunity to star in Bachelor Party, Jim Carrey would have found his launchpad a decade earlier than he did. Nonetheless, Carrey ended up taking supporting roles in Peggy Sue Got Married, The Dead Pool, and more. Eventually, starring in Fox’s In Living Color, Carrey found his breakthrough role and thereafter never looked back. 


Watch Bachelor Party on Hulu. 

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