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Tom Hardy Hellbent on Becoming a Deadly Jiu Jitsu Warrior – After Winning 3 Gold Medals, He Enlisted in 2 More Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Events

tom hardy win in brazil

Tom Hardy isn’t only known for being an extremely talented actor but is also renowned as someone who is passionate about a good cause and some healthy brawling.

The famous Venom actor is a serious and avid practitioner of martial arts and has earned a name for himself with regard to the same. And just a couple of months back, he not only enlisted himself in jiu-jitsu matches but also ended up winning them.

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

And word is out that the 45-year-old star is set to compete further in the upcoming events that will take place before the year comes to an end.

Tom Hardy is passionate about jiu jitsu  

Besides being a highly acknowledged Hollywood actor, Tom Hardy is also an esteemed Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner and has been involved with this particular martial art for years now.

The Peaky Blinders actor became the ambassador for the REORG Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Foundation, and he currently holds a four-stripe blue belt in jiu-jitsu as well. However, Hardy hasn’t shown off this side of himself to fans too openly yet. Nevertheless, he has been a part of several BJJ matches and won them as well.

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Tom Hardy FandomWire
Tom Hardy at the event in Wolverhampton

One of the most recent wins of the English actor was in the 2022 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open Championship in Milton Keynes, England, wherein he bagged a gold medal.

Everyone had been rendered baffled upon seeing Hardy at the event, and even his opponent had been shocked as he realized he was going to be having a one-on-one match with the recipient of the BAFTA Rising Star Award. At the same time though, people were also grateful to have Hardy there.

Tom Hardy is ready for future matches

Just a few days after the Legend star brought home the top prize at the 2022 UMAC BJJ Open Championship in September, Hardy was rumored to be ready to appear for two more matches before the year’s end.

He has reportedly signed up for the Nogi Jiu Jitsu British Open as well as Grappling Industries: London, both of which are going to take place in December. And from the looks of it, Hardy might just end up winning both of these matches as well.

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Tom Hardy in Peaky Blinders
Tom Hardy in Peaky Blinders

At the Nogi Jiu Jitsu British Open, the Warriors star has registered himself in the 175.3 lbs Master 3 division, and at Grappling Industries, he will be joining two rounds, the gi and no gi round robin tournaments at the 185 lbs Seniors division. Both the matches are scheduled to be on back-to-back weekends, which makes it all the more difficult as well as interesting.

No official word has been given about whether or not Hardy will be partaking in more such competitions like these in the upcoming year. But for now, he’s fully focused on bringing it home with his December matches.

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