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Tom Hardy’s $415M Movie Inspired This Aquaman Scene: “If that film could’ve a guy playing a flaming guitar…”

Tom Hardy's $415M Movie Inspired This Aquaman Scene: "If that film could've a guy playing a flaming guitar..."

We all know that when cinematic worlds collide, something brilliant comes out as a result. And something brilliant did, in fact, come out as a scene in the Aquaman movie was inspired by a scene from Tom Hardy’s $415M movie.

Tom Hardy played a flaming guitar in Mad Max: Fury Road
Tom Hardy played a flaming guitar in Mad Max: Fury Road

The Aquaman movie has been a major blockbuster worldwide, thanks to Jason Momoa as well as Topo- the octopus playing the drums! But little do fans know that this octopus scene was actually influenced by none other than Tom Hardy’s scene in his movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

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Topo in Aquaman was Inspired by Tom Hardy’s Mad Max: Fury Road

Aquaman's octopus sidekick Topo played drums solo in Aquaman
Aquaman’s octopus sidekick Topo played the drums solo in Aquaman

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In the Aquaman movie, there is a scene where an octopus can be seen playing a drum solo throughout the fight between Aquaman and Orm. In a surprising turn of events, it has been revealed that this scene has actually been taken from the 2015 movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. 

According to reports, the movie Aquaman’s director James Wan had always wanted to include the comic book character Topo, a musically gifted octopus and Aquaman’s sidekick in the movie but was unsure about it, thinking that it might seem too silly. However, after watching Tom Hardy play a flaming guitar in the $415M movie Mad Max: Fury Road, Wan’s opinion had to change. In an interview, the director revealed,

“If that film could have a guy playing a flaming guitar, I’m going to have an octopus drummer in mine.”

That thinking certainly turned out fine – judging how Wan surprised Aquaman fans with his brilliant sense of humor.

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Aquaman Director Wants Topo to ‘Hook Up’ With the Flame Guy from Mad Max: Fury Road

Topo is a musically gifted octopus in the Aquaman comic
Topo is a musically gifted octopus in the Aquaman comic

Furthermore, James Wan went ahead to explain his view on Topo as well as Topo’s character in the Aquaman movie. He even joked about wanting the octopus to ‘hook up’ with the ‘flame guy’ from the $415M movie.

“That’s for the hardcore fans out there because, in the comic book, Topo would play all kinds of instruments. Literally, one tentacle would be playing the harp, and then another one would be playing the violin, and the other tentacle would be playing the piano. This is my take on that. He’s playing the big Japanese drums in a tribalistic kind of way. I joke that the octo-drummer should hook up with the guitar flame guy from Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Well, whatever James Wan was thinking while including Topo certainly turned out to be amazing, as the Aquaman fans are – no doubt – loving it!

You can stream Aquaman on HBO Max.

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