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Tom Hiddleston’s Iconic Marvel Series and Attack on Titan are Unusual Parallels of Each Other

Loki and Attack on Titan's story intertwined to give their protagonists a similar ending.

Tom Hiddleston’s Iconic Marvel Series and Attack on Titan are Unusual Parallels of Each Other


  • Attack on Titan Finale and Loki Season 2 have been one of most anticipated shows of 2023, with both having an uncanny similarity which most people have overlooked.
  • Loki Laufeyson wanted to conquer through oppression but as time passed he understood the value of love and sacrificed himself at the end of Loki season 2 to save his friends.
  • Eren Jaeger wanted freedom from the Titans, but as time passed he became an extremists and he almost killed the whole humankind, but his friends killed him before that, only to know that it was all done to make his friends heroes in front of the world.

Attack on Titan Finale had everyone on the edge of their seats, just like Loki season 2. Both became a masterpiece, and the fans experienced an emotional rollercoaster while watching. Attack on Titan had a few changes made to its final season due to the fans’ discomfort with the manga ending. On the other hand, Marvel Studios changed Loki’s scenario at the end of season 1 when all the TVA members forgot who Loki was.

Even though both these shows are different, somehow, the main protagonists of these shows intersect through their deeds. Eren Jaeger of Attack on Titan and Loki Laufeyson of Loki started as different, but they connected at the end of their journey due to a glorious purpose. While most people were busy enjoying the shows, they overlooked the similarities between them.

Loki Laufeyson’s Journey

A still from Loki season 2
Loki Laufeyson

Loki Laufeyson and Eren Jaeger started as two different individuals. The former wanted to conquer, while the latter preferred freedom. Loki was originally a descendant of the Frost Giant but was raised by Odin Thor Odinson as his stepbrother. After knowing his true identity, Loki wanted to destroy Earth (Midgard) and Asgard. But it was Thor who stopped him from doing it. Later, he attacked New York and was defeated by the Avengers and put in an Asgardian jail.

Frigga, Loki’s stepmother, loved him, and he reciprocated. But she was killed later. In Thor: The Dark World, he helped Thor defeat the Dark Elves, and in Thor Ragnarok, he helped him kill his sister, Hela. But unfortunately, he died at the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. But later, when the Avengers traveled back in time, a different variant of the New York Loki escaped and was captured by the TVA for disrupting the timeline.

Fandomwire Video
The ending scene of Loki season 2
Loki Laufeyson Sacrificing Himself Loki season 2

Now, in Loki season 1, he was granted a pardon to help Mobius, a TVA member, help find another Loki variant, Sylvie, who was causing mayhem throughout the timeline. After finding her, both Lokis found the secret behind TVA. The secret organization is controlled by ‘He Who Remains’ who controls every timeline. Even after warning, Sylvie kills him and causes disruptions in the multiverse.

In the finale of Loki season 2, Loki finally understands his glorious purpose that he should save his friends. He then sacrifices himself to save every universe and once again weaves all the timelines in a single thread.

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Eren Yeager’s Journey

Eren Jaeger in Attack on Titan
Eren Jaeger

The story of Attack on Titan follows a young boy who lives with his parents inside a colossal wall. Their island, Paradis, is covered by three walls that protect them from the man-eating giants known as Titans. Later, the Yaeger family adopted a girl named Mikasa, whom Eren had saved from human traffickers. But one day, the first wall was broken by the Armoured Titan, which caused Titans to enter the human civilization. While Eren and Mikasa escaped, his mother was eaten by a Titan.

Later, both of them joined the Survey Corps, which protected the humans from the Titans. During a Titan rampage, Eren discovers that he can shapeshift into a Titan and used it to their advantage. Three other members of his scout group also had this power, and upon their revelation, they also said that they wanted to capture Eren Jaeger and bring him back to their home country. This was the first time that the Paradis people came to know about life outside the wall.

eren jaeger's detached head
Eren Jaeger’s Detached Head in Attack on Titan

Eren fought the other shapeshifters and protected his people. By Attack on Titan season 4, he had a complete personality and sided with his half-brother, who was initially their enemy. Later, he started the rumbling and caused 80% of the humans to perish. His friends fought him and killed him. It was shown that he planned to project his friends as the true heroes who slayed the Titans to the outside world so that they could be accepted by them.

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Loki’s Loki Laufeyson and Attack on Titan’s Eren Jaeger’s Fate Were Binded By A Thread

Both Loki Laufeyson and Eren Jaeger started as individuals with different motives. But through life experiences, they found their purpose sacrificed themselves for the greater good, and saved their friends. While Loki’s method was much more ethical, Eren Jaeger chose to be destructive. At the end of the day, their decisions paid off.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki
Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Tom Hiddleston absolutely nailed his role as Loki, and Eren Yaeger has established himself as one of the most iconic characters in anime history. It is not every day that we get to experience such great stories, so they should be cherished throughout.

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