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“Tom Holland is a problem”: Sebastian Stan Unhappy With Spider-Man Star Trying to “make up for things” in the Most Bizarre Manner

tom holland and sebastian stan

Tom Holland and Sebastian Stan’s bond can be considered one of the best in the MCU. Even though the characters don’t share any on-screen important friendship or something, their bonding in the interviews and premieres is worth watching. The small feuds that always follow them are something that every fan loves to see. This started after Tom Holland made his debut in MCU with Captain America: Civil War. Since then almost in every interview the Falcon actor Anthony Mackie along with Sebastian Stan roasts Tom Holland. Even Holland also made savage comebacks in some cases.

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Sebastian Stan takes a dig at Tom Holland

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Tom Holland’s bizarre way of making up for things

It is not new for the Winter Soldier actor to present some hilarious moments during interviews mainly due to his comments directed at Tom Holland. Even though they are very good friends in real life, Stan along with Anthony Mackie never misses a chance to roast Holland. Sebastian Stan even considers him like his little brother.

During a similar interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Sebastian Stan was asked whom he had the most trouble getting on with. To this he jestingly remarked on Tom Holland that he is a problem:

 “Oh, God! You know the man. Tom Holland is a problem”

Further, when he was asked by Kimmel why did he say this as Holland is probably the nicest kid in the world, Stan replied that he puts on Hair gel to make up for things:

“Yeah, he keeps adding a lot of hair gel to make up for things”

It is not new for these kinds of small fun among the stars. He and Anthony Mackie also admired Tom Holland’s work on many occasions.

Sebastian Stan made fun of Tom Holland
Sebastian Stan and Tom Holland

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Due to Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan got The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

It is true that following the movies, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier acted as a major catalyst in Bucky Barnes’ character in the MCU. Earlier this year only, Sebastian Stan jokingly commented that it was due to Tom Holland he got the show.

The falcon and the winter Soldier
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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According to Stan, soon after he and Mackie fought against Spider-Man in Civil War, they got the show. So he said that he hates Tom Holland for it and certainly it is nothing more than a joke:

“Basically, Anthony and I got a show because of Tom Holland,” Stan said. “I guess that’s, like, what I’m realizing now as I’m talking, which is something I’d really hate for him to know — Tom, that is, not Anthony.”

So banters like these among the actors are very common as they help to keep the audiences engaged and moreover friendly rivalries are good.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live 

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