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Holland’s Spider-Man Rumored for Cameo in ‘Venom 2’

Before D23 Expo, it was the Sony-Disney split that shook the internet. Now that it has been settled, it’s starting to take the sideline as news about Tom Holland filming a cameo for Venom has broken out.

Venom in the MCU

In a Collider podcast, the host talked about Tom Holland’s cameo appearance that was reportedly shot to feature in Venom.

Disney was against the plan for the two films to intersect which is why they obstructed the idea before it could reach the final cut.

A few days ago, Holland teased that the next Spider-Man movie is going to be more sweeping than Far From Home. We could take this as a hint for the upcoming cameo.

It was not the first time that Sony conveyed its intention for Venom to be part of the MCU.

The team seems to be willing to go extra miles just to see Holland and Hardy share the same screen.

This rumored plan can be the opportune moment for Sony to pair up the much-awaited tandem, given that Venom made quite a lot of money at the box-office.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 3

According to Holland, Homecoming and Far From Home were very special to him, and the third film is about his personal journey as Spider-Man.

During the Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia, he talked about his similarities with Peter Parker. He said:

The films have kind of like mirrored my life in a really, really weird and deep way. The first film was about me wanting to step up and become an Avenger, and then that happened, it came out, and my life changed. My life totally changed.

He also reflected on his role for the second film and said, ” You know, being famous and growing up in the spotlight is kind of tough, and comes with its own set of challenges. So the second film, I don’t know if this is who I want to be, and then by the end, I was like, I’ve found where I belong, which is here with all you guys.”

He didn’t give many details about the third film but he said that it has a deep connection for him.

If everything goes as Sony plans, we’re definitely going to see what they have prepared for the fans when it comes to the web-slinging Parker and symbiote-powered Brock.

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