Tom Holland Talks A Lot About Being James Bond!

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After Tom Holland’s initial appearance as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, Holland swiftly established himself as one of the world’s most known and sought-after actors. As the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home approaches, He is once again the centre of pop-cultural attention.


Tom Holland has two tremendously successful standalone Spider-Man films under his belt, as well as a handful of smaller flicks.

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However, No Way Home isn’t the only huge feature Holland has coming up, as the video game adaption Uncharted is due to hit theatres next year. In the film, Holland will portray Nathan Drake, an adventurer and treasure seeker, alongside Mark Wahlberg, who will play Victor “Sully” Sullivan. If the film’s new trailer is any indication, Holland will shed his wacky teenaged persona from the Spider-Man films and adopt a slightly more mature adult persona this time around.

Ned actor Jacob Batalon reveals in a recent GQ storey that Holland’s goals go beyond Spider-Man and Uncharted and that another blockbuster franchise could be in the works.

Holland, according to Batalon, frequently mentions being superspy James Bond. “He talks a lot about being James Bond. Many thanks, many thanks, many thanks, many thanks, many thanks, many thanks, many “Batalon stated.

Tom Holland
Tom Holland – James Bond

The future of Bond is very much out in the air at the moment, with Daniel Craig’s stint as Bond has come to a final end with No Time To Die. Although Craig played Bond in Casino Royale when he was in his mid-30s, it’s certainly likely that the next edition of the character may be younger and less experienced. With Holland’s international popularity and likeability, it’s not out of the question that he may play Bond in the future (if he’s sincere about wanting the part).

Despite the fact that Holland has appeared in more serious films such as The Devil All The Time and Cherry, he has yet to take on any roles that allow him to really turn up the class and charm and flex those Bond muscles. However, the Uncharted teaser does have Holland in a suit for multiple sequences, and while he has an American accent for the film, the visuals do conjure up images of Bond. Because No Way Home feels like the conclusion of Holland’s Spider-Man career, he’ll likely have more time in the coming years to pursue jobs outside of the MCU, and it appears that James Bond could be one of them.

Source: GQ


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