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Tom Holland’s Girlfriend Zendaya Was Too Stunned to Speak After Question About Having a Baby Before She is 30

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While talking about the new young talent taking over the Hollywood industry, there are a few names that pop up in people’s heads, and Zendaya might be at the top for most of them. Making a name for herself as the actress that brings blockbusters and critical praises home with relative ease, it’s no wonder the industry is seeking out her talents and skillsets.


Thus, after taking the entertainment business by storm at such a quick pace, people are obvious to ask what her future long-term plans are. When it came to asking speculative questions, one of them being what her future maternal goals are, the star couldn’t answer as she became as still as a rock trying to process the information to come up with an answer.

Does Zendaya Want To Become A Mother?

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Tom Holland and Zendaya

Known to be pretty open about her relationship with her boyfriend and fellow MCU star Tom Holland, the star had caused many people to speculate about their relationship status when they first started going out. Thus, after spending so much time together with each other, people are curious whether Zendaya would like to take it to another level.

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During an interview a couple of years ago on Sway in the Morning, Zendaya was asked a lot about her success in the industry as well as her experiences working on Spider-Man: Homecoming. then, during the rapid-fire Q&A session, the Euphoria star was asked whether she would like to become a mother before or after the age of 30. This question hit Zendaya so hard that she sat still in her chair for a good 5 seconds without a movement. Then, after regaining her composure, she said:

“Oh lord, that’s a big question. I am not even thinking about that to be honest, I haven’t put much thought into that one.”

Considering her flourishing career in the industry, it’s no wonder that the star doesn’t want to take the maternal lifestyle just yet.

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What’s Next For Zendaya?

Zendaya as Rue Bennet in a still from Euphoria
Zendaya as Rue Bennet in a still from Euphoria

Although she might’ve started in the industry in the role of MJ in the Spider-Man series in the MCU, her breakthrough role as Rue Bennet in HBO’s superhit series Euphoria is the one that has brought her the praise and recognition she deserves. Thus, she is all set to reprise her most iconic role in the upcoming third season of the series and is all set to release soon, though no official dates have been released at this point in time.

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Euphoria, streaming on HBO Max

Source: Sway’s Universe

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