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Tom Holland’s Special Training to Handle $3.92 Billion Spider-Man Fame Will Make Even Timothee Chalamet Jealous: “I’m really good at…”

Tom Holland's Special Training to Handle $3.92 Billion Spider-Man Fame Will Make Even Timothee Chalamet Jealous

There is a lot of pressure on any actor who plays the lead in a superhero film. This is because Superhero characters have enormous, extremely passionate fan bases. And movie studios are betting on actors who, ideally, can sustain a multi-picture franchise, and who must appease critics and news organizations. However, very few people have had to deal with the pressure of expectations placed on Tom Holland, the newest Spider-Man in Hollywood.

Don’t be deceived by his boyish charm; he may be best known for playing one of the most well-known teenagers (Peter Parker) in the world. Holland has spent more than half of his life performing on stage and in films.

Tom Holland
Tom Holland

The 27-year-old has developed into one of the most bankable movie stars currently working as a result of his role as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

To put it another way, one might describe his career as a Hollywood anomaly. So, what’s the secret behind his enormous yet dreamy success?

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What Sets Tom Holland Apart From Other Spider-Man Stars?

Prior to Tom Holland, Spider-Man was portrayed by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

However, Holland has made significant progress as he devoted himself to this position. The young actor has not only devoted himself fully to the role of Spider-Man but has also succeeded where others have failed. But what sets him apart from other stars, who earlier played the Superhero character? 


Surprisingly, it is not his amazing acrobatics or his faultless acting. It is actually his dance background that has made him a formidable force in Hollywood. In 2021, the actor spoke with Backstage about his life and acting journey: 

“I think what I’ve done well is I’m really good at being able to dictate when I’m in the spotlight. When I’m at home, I live such a boring life that the paparazzi don’t want to take pictures of me. I’m with my dog, I meet my mates, we go play golf, we go to the pub, we go to sleep, and then we wake up and do the same thing again.” 

Tom Holland
Tom Holland

He has previously described growing up in “the most un-child-actor household possible,” reflecting on his earliest days, with an author-comedian father, a photographer mother, and three younger brothers.

“Acting is a muscle, and it’s something that can always get stronger. So whenever you work with new people, regardless of whether you think they’re good or not, you will always learn something from them.

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‘Dance Has Been One Of The Most Valuable Assets’ 

Tom Holland began learning hip-hop dance at the Nifty Feet Dance Studio in London when he was nine years old. He spent two years studying ballet and tap before making his stage debut in 2008, as Michael Caffrey in Billy Elliot. He also studied acrobatics, which helped him hone his abilities, which he later applied as Spider-Man. 

He explained in brief:

“Dance has been one of the most valuable assets I’ve had in my career. Over the years, I’ve been getting less and less flexible, which has become a bit of a challenge. Sometimes, landing in the Spidey poses, I’ve been pulling a hamstring here and there, so I’ve taken up yoga.”

Tom Holland
Tom Holland

That is merely the preparation. Then, having worked on script analysis and developing his own character, Holland literally carried a dancer-in-the-mirror mentality while filming. 

“The easiest way for me to find a character is to find the similarities between myself and the character and then build on that.”

He continued by describing his on-set preparation process for each character:

“When you learn to do a dance, you do it in the mirror. And for me, when I’m on set and I’m figuring a character out, especially [in] the first few weeks, I have to watch it back, because I need to know that I’m doing what I think I’m doing in my head. If I was doing a dance, and then I looked at it and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, that looks nothing like what I thought it looked like,’ I need to change it. It’s been a really valuable asset.”

Tom Holland in The Crowded Room
Tom Holland in The Crowded Room (Image via AppleTV)

Tom Holland is currently seen in the psychological thriller miniseries, The Crowded Room. Akiva Goldsman’s series is based on Daniel Keyes’ nonfiction novel, The Minds of Billy Milligan (1981).

The Crowded Room is currently available to stream on Apple TV Plus.


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