Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Did Not Stand Any Chance Against Taylor Swift With a Guitar – Eras Tour Concert Film Breaks Box Office Records

Tom Holland's Spider-Man Did Not Stand Any Chance Against Taylor Swift With a Guitar - Eras Tour Concert Film Breaks Box Office Records

Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand? Cause Taylor Swift has done it again! The iconic pop sensation is known for her record-shattering reputation (pun intended) within the music industry. With chart-topping hits and sold-out concert tickets making headlines daily, the singer-songwriter can’t get enough. She has achieved a new feat, surpassing the likes of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Taylor Swift breaks another record!
Taylor Swift breaks another record!

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The artist’s popularity is merely unfathomable.

But wait, you must be wondering: What does the ME! singer and the MCU endeavor have in common? Well, it turns out that Swift’s Eras Tour concert film has obliterated Spiderman: No Way Home’s AMC first-day presales record. Let’s look at the exact figures, cause it is mind-blowing.

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Taylor Swift Breaks Spiderman: No Way Home‘s AMC Record

The singer's upcoming concert film is setting new records!
The singer’s upcoming concert film is setting new records!

The Eras Tour has been a grand success. It has been described as a “cultural phenomenon” by many and it wouldn’t be wrong to say so. Every venue where the musician has performed has benefited from an uptick in the local economy. The tourism industry has also flourished under the Eras Tour craze. Additionally, it has also won the endorsement and support of different governments and organizations.

Chronicling the different stages in Taylor Swift‘s career and the various musical phases that subsequently emerged, the tour will now be available on the big screen through a concert film! Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour concert film is scheduled to hit the theatres on October 13th, 2023.

Taylor Swift performing at The Eras Tour
Taylor Swift performing at The Eras Tour

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The forthcoming concert movie by the singer-songwriter reportedly broke a major AMC record. It has garnered $26M in first-day ticket presales! And what’s even more shocking is that it managed to do so within three hours after the tickets went on sale. Previously, Tom Holland’s Spiderman: No Way Home, which amassed $16.9M in its first 24 hours, held AMC’s top presales record.

The Grammy-winning artist is now vying for cinematic records, it seems!

The Exorcist: Believer‘s Refusal To Compete With Taylor Swift’s Concert Film

The Exorcist: Believer
The Exorcist: Believer (2023)

Taylor Swift’s concert movie has not only broken records, but it is also frightening away potential rivals. Previously, The Exorcist: Believer from Universal and Blumhouse Productions was slated to arrive in theatres on October 13—the same day as Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour concert film. The fact that the horror film was supposed to be released on the aforementioned day, a Friday, was just logical. It goes with the spooky theme.

Fans were quick to emulate the Barbenheimer phenomenon by coining a nickname for the dual release. They were calling it the ExorSwift. It’s safe to say that the trend was rather short-lived. Jason Blum soon announced on his Twitter handle the following:

The decision to move the date by a week accounts for a potential clash that could be disastrous for the upcoming sixth installment of the Exorcist franchise. The hype that Taylor Swift has garnered for her concert film is evidenced by all the records she has been shattering! Trying to directly compete with the phenomenon might do more harm than good.

It would be fascinating to find out whether the release of the concert movie affects other upcoming films given how it is competing with major franchise endeavors. For now, fans of the pop superstar cannot wait for October 13th to arrive! It’d be interesting to see what other records Taylor Swift is capable of breaking.

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