Top 10 Animated Shows to Watch

Animation is limitless. It can open up a gateway to new worlds filled with great stories, characters, themes, and many more. Shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, and Rick and Morty have shinned new light for the animation community. Today I’ll be sharing a list of 10 animated shows that you should totally check out !

10.) Castlevania

So a Belmont, a magician, and an angsty half vampire walk into a bar. You’re probably expecting a joke out of this but Netflix has knocked this adaptation out of the park ! Created by Adi Shankar, the series like it’s video game counterpart follows the story of Trevor Belmont; the last of the Belmont clan; a monster hunter, Sypha Belnades; a Speaker magician; who wields powerful elemental magic, and Alucard Tepes; the dhampir vampire son of Count Dracula; banding together to stop an army of demons and vampires from taking over Wallachia. While taking inspiration from Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse and Japanese anime, this show is a fantastic gore fest filled with amazing animation, epic fights, and some unexpected humor to go along the way. The chemistry between Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard works wonders ! It’s hard to imagine that this was done by Frederator Studios. If that name sounds familiar to you, then you should know that it’s the same studio for making shows like Nickelodeon’s Chalkzone and The Fairly Oddparents, to Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, to the animated web series The Bravest Warriors, and others. Right now the show has been renewed for fourth season so definitely put this on your binge list !

9.) Glitch Techs

It sorta sucks that this is on Netflix but Nickelodeon could certainly use more shows like this than unnecessary new Spongebob episodes and spin-offs.Created by Eric Robles and Dan Milano, Glitch Techs centers on teens Hector “High Five” Nieves and Miko “Me-K.O.” Kubota in the city of Bailley, where a group of people are secretly dealing with glitches that cause video game characters to manifest as energy beings into the real world that operate based on the coding of their affected games and thus create havoc. To stop such glitches, these Glitch Techs, working at a local game store as a front, must use their gamer logic with their equipment to counter and win. After capturing and/or destroying the glitches, they must also fix any damage and erase any memories in order to prevent further panic. Now, after unexpectedly becoming the newest Glitch Techs, High Five and Miko will have to use their skills as gamers to help out. If you’re a huge gaming nerd then this show is for you ! Filled with good characters and cool animation Glitch Techs deserves a spot on this list ! Right now it’s second season is available to watch but I’m hoping it at least gets a few more seasons down the line. Though knowing Netflix they always have a knack of cancelling original shows without giving it a chance.

8.) The Dragon Prince

This show is basically Netflix’s answer to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, The Dragon Prince is a series set in a fantasy world on the continent of Xadia which is rich in magic derived from six primal elements: the Sun, Moon, Stars, Earth, Sky, and Ocean. Centuries ago, the dragons, elves, and humans of Xadia lived in peace. However, the humans, being unable to utilize magic naturally, began to use dark magic, which is fueled by the life essence of magical creatures. As a consequence, they were driven away to the west, and the continent was split in two by a massive river of lava. 1000 years later, the human king Harrow of Katolis and his advisor, the dark mage Viren, have killed the dragon king, and supposedly destroyed his heir’s egg. In retaliation, elf assassins attempt to kill Harrow and his heir. Prince Ezran, his half-brother Callum, and the Moon Shadow elf assassin Rayla discover that the egg was not destroyed. The three decide to travel beyond Xadia’s borders and deliver the egg home hoping to end the war between humans and elves. Though it’s animation takes awhile to get used, the show is filled with some great world building and wonderful voice acting ! As of now Netflix has renewed the series for a total of four more seasons. I won’t dive deep into spoilers here but if you love these kind of fantasy epics, then this should scratch that itch !.

7.) Close Enough

This show is basically if Regular Show was aimed to a more adult demographic. Created by J.G. Quintel, Close Enough revolves around a millennial couple who are in their early thirties with their five-year-old daughter and their divorced friends who live with them in a Los Angeles duplex. Originally set to air on TBS, the show finally found a home on HBO Max with a second season coming soon. This series is very absurd yet it feels very relatable and that’s close enough.

6.) The Midnight Gospel

It’s no surprise that this show was released on 4/20 because this is basically Adventure Time on acid. Created by Pendleton Ward The Midnight Gospel revolves around a spacecaster named Clancy Gilroy, who lives on the Chromatic Ribbon, a membranous, tape-like planet situated in the middle of a colorful void where simulation farmers use powerful bio-organic computers to simulate a variety of universes from which they harvest natural resources and new technology. Each episode revolves around Clancy’s travels through planets within the simulator, with the beings inhabiting these worlds as the guests he interviews for his spacecast. These interviews are based on actual interviews, with real audio derived from Trussell’s podcast, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour. Like with Bojack Horseman, this series will hit you in the feels. As of now Netflix hasn’t renewed it for a second season but I’m hoping it will.

5.) Ducktales (2017)

Life is like a hurricane here in Duckburg ! Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes, it’s a duck-blur! Might solve a mystery or rewrite history ! DuckTales ! Woo-oo ! Chances are if you grew up in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s then there’s no denying that the rest of the classic theme song is stuck in your head right now. The newer take on Disney’s Ducktales is to me one of the best cartoon reboots done right ! In the reboot Scrooge McDuck reunites with his estranged nephew Donald Duck when he asks him to babysit his three triplet nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie for the day. During which, Scrooge regains his sense of adventure, and he invites Donald and the boys to live at McDuck Manor with him, along with his housekeeper Mrs. Beakley and her granddaughter Webby Vanderquack. Together, along with Scrooge’s limo driver and crash-prone pilot Launchpad McQuack as their means of transport, the Ducks go on many new treasure-hunting expeditions and globe-trotting adventures while contending with villains like Flintheart Glomgold, the Beagle Boys, and Mark Beaks. Creators Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones give a lot of love and respect to this adaption ! Taking some inspiration from the Scrooge McDuck/Donald Duck comics, filled with an amazing voice cast, and incorporating some classic Disney Afternoon shows; like Darkwing Duck and Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers;  this show is fun for all ages ! Currently it’s third season is returning for new episodes very soon but now you can watch the first two seasons on Disney+.

4.) Amphibia

When you’re a normal girl living in another world, whatcha you gonna do ? You gotta ribbit ribbit jump on in it. Created by Matt Braly, the series chronicles the adventures of a self-centered 13-year-old Thai-American girl named Anne Boonchuy. After stealing a mysterious music box on her birthday at the advice of her friend Sasha, which was found by her other friend Marcy, Anne and her friends are magically transported to Amphibia; a wild marshland tropical island full of anthropomorphic amphibians and dangerous creatures. When she landed in Frog Valley, she soon meets and befriends an adventurous 10-year-old frog named Sprig Plantar who will guide her to be a true hero while discovering the first true friendship of her life as she lives with the Plantar family. This comedy fantasy series has really found it’s footing by the end of it’s first season. So far it’s second season is off to a really good start. In one of it’s more recent episodes there is a tribute to Gravity Falls. If you’re curious about this show you can watch S1 on Disney+.

3.) Harley Quinn The Animated Series

It’s Harley’s world, the DC characters are just living in it. Created by Patrick Schumacker, the series follows Harley Quinn’s adventures after she breaks up with the Joker and her attempt to join the Legion of Doom by forming her own crew consisting of Poison Ivy, Clayface, Doctor Psycho, King Shark, and Sy Borgman. Packed to the brim with a talented comedic cast this animated show is brutal, outrageous, and most of all chaotic ! No word yet on a third season but you can check out seasons 1 and 2 on HBO Max or; if you still have it; DC Universe. 

2.) Infinity Train

Been awhile since I’ve watched anything on Cartoon Network but boy did this show deliver ! Created by Owen Dennis, Infinity Train series is set on a seemingly endless train traveling through a barren landscape; the cars of the train contain a variety of bizarre and fantastical environments. The train picks up passengers who have unresolved emotional issues or trauma. As they travel through the train’s cars, passengers’ adventures give them the opportunity to confront and resolve their problems, represented by a glowing number on their hand that goes down as each personal issue is confronted. Once they have resolved their issues and their number reaches zero, a portal opens and they are able to leave the train and return home. What starts off as a miniseries turns into a wonderful anthology show ! All three seasons are available to watch on HBO Max ! Hoping it gets a fourth.

1.) The Owl House

If there’s one thing that makes Disney….. well Disney it’s magic and the show is no exception ! Created by Dana Terrance, the series follows a teenage human girl named Luz Noceda  who accidentally stumbles upon a portal to another world filled with witches, demons, mythical creatures, and of course magic. When on the Boiling Isles; which is made from the remains of a dead Titan; she befriends the rebellious witch Eda the Owl Lady and her adorable demon roommate named King. Despite not having magical abilities, Luz pursues her dream of becoming a witch by serving as Eda’s apprentice at the Owl House and ultimately finds a new family in an unlikely setting. This show is Gravity Falls for a new generation and I’m not just saying that because the creator of that show voices two of it’s main characters. Filled with great world building, a cool voice cast, an interesting mystery, and stunning animation it’s no wonder that this takes the top spot ! S1 should be making it’s way to Disney+ soon but if you missed out you can catch it on DisneyNow !  

Are there any shows we left out that you enjoy ? Let us know in the comments below !

Written by Devin Colson

I’m a huge geek when it comes to things like Marvel/DC, Star Wars, anime, etc. Bit of a movie buff. Disney kid at heart.