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Top 10 Awful Superhero Time Travelers From The DC Universe, Ranked

“People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” – Albert Einstein.

The DC Universe has consistently been portrayed by tremendous disasters that strike the Universe.
One’s it would never manage without the heroes’ intervention and a little bit of luck.
There have been times when disasters that would have annihilated the DC Universe were prevented completely by time travel in several cases.
This capacity is allowed both as a superpower and in light of the incredible innovation of the heroes.
Obviously, there are good time travelers and bad ones. These bad ones are villains who utilize the power of time travel for evil.
These can even be just heroes and villains who are by and extensive traveling when going through time, either compounding the situation or merely being awful at it.
So today, we at FandomWire have gathered a list of 10 such worst Time Travellers from the DC Universe, and we want you guys to gaze at our inventory.
Isn’t that interesting? If yes, then let’s hop right into it…

#1 Batman Is Great At Everything Except Time Travel:


#2 Silver Age Superman’s Mom Almost Fell In Love With Him:


#3 Extant Tried To Rewrite Time:


#4 Chronos Is Kind Of Useless As A Time Traveler:


#5 Per Degaton Is A Time-Traveling Fascist:


#6 Rip Hunter Has Saved Time Many Times But Always Needs Help To Do So:


#7 Time Commander Is So Bad Of A Time Traveler, No One Remembers Him:


#8 Reverse Flash Uses His Time-Traveling Abilities To Do The Worst Things:


#9 Flash Almost Destroyed The DC Universe With His Time Traveling:


#10 Booster Gold Is The Most Annoying Time Traveler Ever:

So yes, these are the Top 10 Awful Superhero Time Travelers From The DC Universe, Positioned.
We hope that you have enjoyed our lists.
Well, all think these heroes/ villains have messed up the timeline a couple of times.
But among them, I really think Booster Gold is the worst of all others on the list.
What about you people? Do you agree with me?
Which among these do you find the most awful time traveler?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below?
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