Top 10 Most Evil Disney Villains

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Every single one of our favorite heroes have to fight the evil, the bad and the ugly. And if Snow White was scared of the Evil Queen and if Pinocchio feared Monstro, I’m pretty sure that you too, yes YOU, were once traumatized by a Disney Vilain (and maybe you still are?…) We ranked for you the most evil, cruel, terrifying and destructive Disney vilains. Mirror mirror on the wall, tell us who is the badest of them all…   10: The Coachman (Pinocchio) – The coachman is creepy, a real sadist who likes to see children in pain and distress, even if they’re begging him and crying after their parents. The fox and the cat themselves were scared of him, so that says a lot about what kind of man the coachman is…


9: Chernabog (Fantasia) – Night on Bald Mountain is by far the most terrifying segment of Fantasia. When Chernabog the deamon deploys his wings on the Bald Mountain, invoking his minions, he really becomes the classic and pure representation of the Devil. Of course, add Mussorgsky’s piece of music as the background soundtrack and I bet you won’t be able to sleep for at least a week after that! 8: Hoarned King (The Black Cauldron)- As another representation of the Devil, the Hoarned King’s goal was to find the magic cauldron to create his powerful army and to rule the world. Yes, pretty basic, I mean, he’s an evil devil after all. His eyes, his expressions are, well, as effective as can be. Surely you’d have to be suicidal to say “No” to this guy! See it by yourself… 7: Governor Radcliffe (Pocahontas)- Xenophobic, greedy, violent, Governor Radcliffe believes that the Powhatan are barbaric, savages. Always looking for an excuses to start a fight with them, even though HE is invading their lands. Honestly, such a merciless character deserves his place in this top list. 6: Maleficent (The Sleeping Beauty) – Aaah, Maleficent is without a doubt, THE most badass vilain out there. Yes she’s got a cool dress, the evil laugh is on point, she even got her own pet crow and all and she’s driven by her thirst of revenge and power (which is, you know, fair enough) BUT how can you attack an innocent newborn baby and wish death upon it at the age of 16?! Seriously heartless… 5: Clayton (Tarzan) – Clayton is a hateful hunter who believes that the jungle is his territory and that he can kill every animal that will cross his path. He’s barbaric, arrogant and his lack of empathy towards animals also reflects the way he treats human beings. 4: Cruella Devil (The 101 Dalmatians) She kills puppies! I’ve got nothing else to say! 3: Shan Yu (Mulan)- The Huns were known as one of the most violent army in history. Shan Yu, whose character is based on Atila the Huns, is no exception to the rule. His violence reaches a point of no return when Mulan finds a doll on a battlefield, suggesting that Shan Yu and his army will never hesitate when it comes to destroying an entire village and killing its inhabitants. They will spare no lives, not even children’s. 2: Scar (The Lion King)- As for many Disney vilains, not much is known about Scar’s past. We can only assume that for the major part of his life, Scar was plotting against Mufasa. His thirst for power leads him to kill his own brother and to blame it on his young nephew. He lets the poor lion cub traumatized and feeling guilty. He makes him leave his home, the Pride Lands and tell him to never come back, to the point where Simba even forgets who he really is. Scar is a crazy psychopath. 1: Judge Claude Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) – Such a complex character and yet so easily detestable. Racist, sexist, greedy, violent, but still considers himself as a man of faith. Frustrated by his passion for Esmeralda, he blames her for his own impure thoughts and decides to burn her alive after she refuses to give herself to him. His brutality and viciousness get more and more intense and destructive throughout the film. His attempt to burn alive an entire family in their house after they refuse to give Frollo what he wants is one of the most defining moments of his implacable personality. At the beginning of the movie, he tries to kill newborn Quasimodo after killing his mother on the steps of Notre Dame. He is number 1 of this list because he’s an extremely realistic vilain and a bitter reminder of some of the darkest moments of the history of humanity. That’s it for this top list everyone, let us know in the comments who you think is the most Evil Disney Vilains of all time. Tell us who amongst those vilains, still trigger your nightmares at night…

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