Top 10 Satisfying Mobile Games You Can Get Right Now

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If you crave a satisfying feeling, you’ll easily love these top 10 mobile games we have in store. Similar to ASMR, these will get you in your right of mind with great noises and interactive game-play



Deep Clean Inc.


You’ll be deeply satisfied with this game as you clean multiple different items. Vacuum, swab, and wash multiple objects, accompanied by extremely appealing sounds and mobile vibrations to make the experience feel as real as ever.

Clean to your heart’s desire.

Soap Cutting

This game is similar to the online ASMR phenomenon of soap cutting, where you will take a knife and cut through a piece of soap in ways that are delightful to your senses. If you ever felt like trying it yourself, download this game!

Soap is more than just for cleaning.

Handyman 3D

Get the one-of-a-kind satisfying experience this game has to offer with very realistic ASMR mechanics. As a handyman, you will get to paint, build, and demolish. This game also takes after online trends, so you will likely come across a level that resembles the videos on your feed.

Become a satisfying ASMR handyman.

Super Slime Simulator


Slime has been present in our internet lives since 2016, finding its way into massively supported Instagram, and Snapchat videos. While creating your own slime is hard, playing this game isn’t. Hop on board and play with realistic slime to fill all your squeezing needs.

No ingredients needed for this slime.

ASMR Slicing

If you found the dicing of the previous game to be alluring, then you’ll deeply enjoy this game. You will be cutting a huge array of objects into slices. Immerse yourself in the haptics which feel just like real-life slicing. Enjoy yourself, watch the sharpness, and forget the worry of cutting your fingers!

Slice n’ dice.

Unbox 3D

Nothing is as exciting as unboxing a new gift or package. This game allows you to experience the same feeling whenever and however you’d like. Satisfy yourself as you unpack boxes, iPhones, and other gifts piece by piece, using real-life physics to make the experience as true to itself as it can be.

Just like Christmas!

Wood Shop


Shave down wood until a beautiful, clean item is achieved. Like the other games in this list, Wood Shop provides you with the opportunity of satisfyingly cutting and slicing down layers until a final shape is revealed using woodworking tools.

Wood working has never been faster.

Sculpt People

This is an interesting, slightly unusual game where you are able to form the faces of people through sculpting motions. Use an in-game reference photo and create eyes, a mouth, a nose, and distinct facial features using clay. Have fun making unique faces and enjoy the satisfying sound effects that come within.

What new face will you bring into the world?

Kick the Buddy

This game has been a top choice for releasing energy. Use a wooden mannequin by the name of Buddy to hit, kick, shoot, electrocute, and beat your worries away. Earn points the more you play and unlock new items for your enjoyment.

Don’t worry, he doesn’t feel bad!

Bubble Tea


Recreate bubble teas with this game. You will be given the task of copying simple bubble tea orders. Try not to mess up, and create satisfying new creations and combinations for as long as you’d like. The more you advance, the more adorable cup designs you will unlock to make it just that much cuter.

Check out these adorable cups!

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Written by Emily Shadel

Articles Published: 31