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Top 15 Powerful Female Superheroes

When people talked about the vigorous superheroes in comic books, names like Superman, The Hulk, and Thor ascend to the first spot on the list.
Be that as it may, individuals don’t give as much credit to the female superheroes in comic books for reasons unknown.
Even though some of them are sufficiently able to stand head to head with any male hero or villain in the battle.
In both Marvel and DC, there are some powerful female heroes.
A massive amount of them can sufficiently throw a tank, even knock down construction or move a planet.
While few of the tops at that upper degree of super-strength, like this, these superwomen are in any event coordinate uniformly with their male equivalent.
As new ages of female superheroes debut in the comics, they may face other established heroes in their particular universes, and one of the fundamental qualities that they can measure up to is their strength levels.
Strength in the comics is frequently estimated utilizing a class framework evaluated on the weight the character is prepared to do reliably lifting.
Class 10 means they can raise as much as 10 tons.
Be that as it may, Class 100 generally implies the character can’t be as handily measured once they surpass the 100-ton mark, making a portion of these female heroes amazingly powerful.
So today, we at FandomWire have curated a list of 15 such powerful women from the DC and Marvel Universe. Sounds interesting?
If yes, then hop on with us to see the list.

#15 Jessica Jones (Class 40):


#14 Molly Hayes (Class 40):


#13 Mera (Class 70):


#12 Starfire (Class 75):


#11 Geiger (Class 75+):


#10 Caitlin Fairchild (Class 100):


#9 Wonder Girl (Class 100):


#8 Rogue (Class 100):


#7 Captain Marvel (Class 100 Powered Up):


#6 Lady Shazam (Class 100):


#5 She-Hulk (Class 100+):


#4 Maxima (Class 100):


#3 Big Barda (Class 100):


#2 Supergirl (Class 100+):


#1 Wonder Woman (Class 100/Limitless):

So yes, these are the Top 15 Powerful Female Superheroes, Positioned.
We hope that you must have enjoyed our picks.
Well, really, adore all these powerful female superheroes.
But among them, I really love Wonder Woman (Class 100/Limitless)
What about you people?
Which among these is your favorite female superhero?
Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below?
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