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Top 5 Anthology Horror Films

When thinking about anthology horror films, most people would of the V/H/S franchise and then stop there, but trust me, there are so many more available to feast your eyes on. Here are the top 5 anthology horror films, and yes, the V/H/S franchise is right in there…

5. V/H/S Franchise

top 5 horror anthology horror films

The first entry in this top 5 anthology horror films list is cheating a little, being a franchise, but if we could take the films from the franchise and pick and choose the best segments from each one to bundle together as one package, we’d have arguably the best anthology film full stop. Be it the incredibly creepy, sexual batwoman from the first, the zombie go-pro from the second, either the Bioshock doctor experimenting on his subjects or the militia with the vampires in the fourth. Just give me a super-cut of the best and take out all the rest of the dregs, please.

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4. Dead of Night (1945)

top 5 anthology horror films

The oldest on this list by quite some distance, each of the segments is being told by guests in a country home. Stories including the standard murder, ghosts, creepy ventriloquist dolls, and more, it’s aided by their age nowadays in their creepiness, which is only ever meant as a compliment. If you’ve not heard of it, difficult as it may be try and search it out and watch it.

3. Asylum (1972)

top 5 anthology horror films

Set in an asylum (funny that) during a new doctor’s tenure, we follow several stories being told, as the doctor attempts to figure out which of the patients he’s observing is the former administrator. Whilst none of the segments stand out, that’s more an indicator of the quality of each one, rather than a comment on how poor they are, with all being particularly creepy, unnerving, and in some cases, gruesome.

2. Trick ‘r’ Treat (2007)

top 5 anthology horror films

An anthology film that ties all of its different stories in a nice little bow by the end, this film relies on its own ingenuity as well as some well-used and well-known tropes. I’d recommend this to just about anyone, as not only is it outright a good horror film, it offers good performances from each of the stars of the segment, and is as much a celebration of our favorite holiday, as it is a warning against it.

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1. Creepshow (1982)

Number one by some distance in this top 5 anthology horror films list, most anthology films tend to have different segments written and directed by different writers/directors, but Creepshow is one of very few where each of the segments is the sole creation of the famous horror extraordinaire George A. Romero. This does give the different segments a consistent look and feel, and it’s hard to argue against the fact this is one of the most highly regarded anthology horror films full stop.

That’s my choice of the top 5 anthology horror films, but what have I missed?

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Written by Luke Addison

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