Top 5 Godzilla Monsters We Want in The Sequels

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With the release of Godzilla vs Kong being pushed back to November of 2020, it’s leaving a few fans worried about the state of the film. However, the future of the franchise should be safe as Toho said they were pleased with the returns for Godzilla: King of the Monsters. So, what’s next for the Monsterverse? Following GvK, no future movies have been announced, so fans are left to speculate and share their ideas for what they would like to see.


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The way the Monsterverse is currently set up is grounded in a sense of reality, where these giant monsters (or Titans as they’re referred to, Kaiju in the Japanese films) were once the dominant species of the planet, and are now being re-awoken to take their place again. While we were introduced to a number of already established Titans, and quite a few new ones for KotM, fans are always wanting to see the originals from the older Japanese movies show up again. The following is a list of these Kaiju that I believe could work with how this universe is already set up.


5. Biollante

In her original (and only) appearance, her origin was quite complex. Dr Shiragami combined the cells of a rose, Godzilla, and his deceased daughter and the kaiju was born. In her first form, she resembled a giant rose and after a short battle with Godzilla, was killed. Her cells retreated to space, but she returned later looking much more monsterous and helped defeat Godzilla.

For the Monsterverse, the titans lived alongside nature, and it’s not too much a stretch to say a creature along the lines of a living plant could exist. Whether as the giant rose, the horrifying monster she eventually became, or something much simpler, fans have been wanting to see Biollante again for nearly 30 years now. The designs of the new titans have been creative thus far, so a redesign and re-appearance of Biollante could make a lot of fans happy. While I don’t think she would work as either an ally or enemy, a living part of nature that just exists could make for an interesting re-telling for this character.

4. Titanosaurus

Titanosaurus was a very unwilling pawn of the human villains in his only appearance. Under mind control, the creature was forced to fight alongside Mechagodzilla to kill Godzilla. As these movies always go, the humans found a way to break the mind control, and Titanosaurus retreated back to the ocean.


Resembling a more aquatic version of Godzilla, a creature like this could easily exist somewhere in the world of the Monsterverse. Although he lacks any powers, aside from causing high winds with his tail, his design is still quite interesting, and a Monsterverse redesign could help get this lesser known Kaiju the recognition he deserves. I could easily see him being an ally to Godzilla in a future movie.


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