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Top 6 Browser Games for In-School

It isn’t uncommon for most games and entertainment sites to be blocked by firewalls at work and school. We understand this struggle and have compiled the top 6 browser games that may be unblocked for you.


Slope: Unblocked

Slope is a fun and easy to play browser game where you will roll a ball at high speeds and avoid a series of obstacles in your path. This game has a healthy amount of challenge and can keep you entertained for as long as you need. Although it is not supported on mobile, it remains a great game for those with access to laptops and PC’s in the workplace.

It’s a slippery slope.

Shell Shockers

High-intensity shootouts are great for a quick distraction. What may be even better is an FPS shooter in a world of eggs. Spawn on the map and shoot at your opponents in several game modes and maps. You are able to choose your weapons and even customize your egg to your liking. This game is not supported for mobile and works best on a laptop or PC.

Shoot your enemies into scrambled eggs.

FastKat Neon

This colorful game is almost guaranteed to be unblocked and is supported on mobile. It is a simple game developed quite some years ago, where your goal is to tap your way through neon obstacles to speed up and slow down. This is a casual play and you are able to go for long periods without needing to restart. Try to beat your own high score!

Ooo, shiny lightsss.

Duck Life

This is by far one of the most fun browser games you can play. Although it is difficult to play on mobile and it is not always unblocked, it’s a great time on any laptop and you’ll find yourself having a good time. In this universe, your duck farm has been destroyed by a tornado and you must train your new duck to win races in order to earn money and rebuild. This game is easy to get carried away with and you may find yourself training your duck into a king. Dress him up, fly him, help him swim, and get better the further you train.

Isn’t it cute?

Flappy Bird

This is an all-time classic and is easily supported on both mobile and PC. This pixel game is notoriously frustrating and you will find yourself quickly obsessing over your high score. If you think you have good reflexes, try Flappy and avoid the crash. This game has been left mostly unblocked by workplaces and is easy to turn off at any time.

Classic Flappy


If you’re looking for variety, you may want to try Bored Button. This is a site offering a huge variety of activities and games for your entertainment. Try a new game each time you press the button. Some of the games on this site are not supported on mobile, but it is easy to move on to the next with a simple tap. This game is likely unblocked and will keep you happy for hours with something different each time.

Go on, press the button!


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