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Top 6 Hated Minecraft Updates

Top 6 Hated Minecraft Updates

The dev team does a great job for the most part of keeping up with updates, paying attention to the desires of players, and making the game enjoyable with each new version. This doesn’t stop a few mistakes from happening, though. Here are the 6 most hated updates this pixel game had to offer. 


Classic 0.0.14a

There was initially much excitement for this update since Minecraft was very young and blissful at this time. Players expected improvements, but were disappointed to find many texture bugs, worsened game mechanics, and for some, a plain white loading screen. These were aptly fixed by Notch and presented no future errors. However, it still took away features such as the ability to respawn at any position of the map. This was disliked for the time, since players weren’t yet granted the ability to fly or sprint, and teleporting was the only way to travel quickly. 

Teleporting was once the only way to move quickly around Minecraft.


This update brought infinite worlds to Minecraft, making them much more expansive and interesting to explore. This was a major achievement for the game, enlarging it and opening doors for new implements. Although it was a great move for the development of the game, it was hated by many players since they were unable to load their previous finite worlds into the new maps. This meant loads of lost worlds, builds, and memories for the OG Minecraft players.


Beta 1.8

The Beta 1.8 update brought many new features that helped shape the game into the Minecraft we know today. One of the major changes was the addition of hunger bars, which you needed to keep up with by eating consistently. Players argued that this was a frustrating and unnecessary addition, since it made more sense to only eat if they had received damage. To make matters worse, it was heavily criticized for making biomed appear plain and uninteresting. This was later fixed and has not been spoken about since. 

Should the hunger bar only activate after receiving damage?


Caves play a big role in the fun of Minecraft. They fuel mining, exploration, and a feeling of risk. 1.7.2 managed to anger players by making caves less frequent, less deep, and much less interconnected. In short, caves were no longer as entertaining as they were, and many urged for the return of massive cave systems for player enjoyment. 

There’s no fun without good caves to explore.


Few updates have the ability to split a community into two halves. This one managed to do it, simply by changing the combat mechanics. These changes were so despised that many players refused to play newer versions of the game, remaining in 1.8. Unsurprisingly, the update caused mayhem and many YouTube videos were released, condemning the update entirely.

combat update
The combat update was possibly the most controversial one released.


This update was disliked for bringing nearly nothing to the table. It added three new nether blocks, bone blocks, and a few mobs that were deemed useless and lackluster by the community. Although 1.10 brought us polar bears, they did not spark any interest, as they did not drop items and were not tamable. Overall, this Minecraft version was considered pretty much boring and unnecessary.

Although they’re cute, they didn’t add anything special to the game.


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Written by Emily Shadel