Top 7 Mobile Games that Remind Us of the 2010s

Much of Generation Z will remember these mobile games as a part of their childhood. Here are 7 that remind us of the long car trips and the all-familiar gaming tablet.




Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an infinite runner set in an urban train station. Choose from over 29 stylish characters, beginning with Jake. To start, you’ll get caught spray-painting a caboose, and will have to run as a police officer and his dog chase you into the game. Watch out! Hop, fly, duck, and dodge the obstacles and oncoming train cars. Collect coins and find boosts as you advance. Unlock characters and perks as you go. This game became huge after its release and continues to be an iconic game and a hilarious meme on social media platforms such as Tiktok. If this doesn’t remind you of your younger days, we don’t know what will.

subway surfers
The popular Subway Surfers, filled with urban styled fun.

Angry Birds

This is a casual puzzle game where you launch your angry birds into the air using a slingshot. The goal is to knock down as many of the structures in front of you as you can, getting rid of the evil green pigs in your way. Sounds easy? Think again. Choose your moves carefully, as the game will become increasingly harder and you will have less space to work with.

Defeat the army of evil pigs in Angry Birds.

Temple Run

Most will remember Temple Run, the anxiety inducing runner set in a fantasy-like temple up in the sky. You will start to run as soon as the game begins, making your way through broken paths, fire traps, water slides, and dangerous saws as you are chased by a demonic monster. Steal the relic and keep going. You won’t want to look back!

temple run
Run from danger and steal the relic in Temple Run.

Dumb Ways To Die

This is an original, strategy game filled with tons of small missions and tons of dorky animated characters. Your goal? Don’t die. You’ll have a great time poking bears with sticks, trying not to electrocute yourself, and avoiding getting eaten by piranhas. As you play, listen to the hilarious theme song this game has to offer, reminding you that are indeed many dumb ways to die.

dumb ways to die
Dumb Ways to Die will show you that are many silly ways your life could come to and end.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush took the world by storm with it’s cheerful candy matching game. This is a casual mobile game released in 2012, where your mission is to clear the game-board by making as many matches as you can. The more you match, the better it will get, and the more boosts you will be able to use. Sweet!

Try not to get hungry with the original Candy Crush game.

Flappy Bird

If you enjoy the feeling of beating your own high score, you’ll want to sit down for Flappy Bird. Measure each tap delicately, as you will be flying your pixelated bird through an infinite path of just-barely-big-enough spaces. One wrong move and you’ll have to start over.

You’ll have to watch your moves with Flappy Bird.

Talking Tom

You most likely remember the Talking Tom series from your earlier days. Here you are given your very own Tom to love and take care of. Feed him, entertain him, and make sure he’s getting baths. Earn coins through mini-games and buy him cool new outfits and house accessories. Don’t forget to log on, or he’ll miss you!

talking tom
Take care of your very own Talking Tom!

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Written by Emily Shadel