Top 7 Reasons Undertale Still Holds Up

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Undertale was one of the world’s most beloved pixel games, gathering much praise for the creator. Although it’s been quite some time, here are 7 reasons why Undertale still holds up after 6 years.



Memorable Characters


This game taught us the importance of giving game characters a personality, distinguishable traits, humor, and a unique essence. There’s no doubt you can still recall Sans, Papyrus, or even Undyne. These characters are hilarious, interesting, and have backgrounds that reveal much about the character, making it easier to sympathize with them throughout the game. By the end, you’ll end up feeling like long-lost friends, even a second time around. 

You must’ve had a favorite, right?

Revisitable Gameplay

There’s plenty to do in any given scene of the game, whether it be visiting certain characters, wandering around, or battling the Froggit. What makes this game so great is truly immersive gameplay with a great storyline, keeping you entertained and happy to continue playing regardless of the amount of times you’ve played before. 

Go visit Onion San again, I dare you.

Tons of Fan Content

As Toby Fox said himself, the game has evolved into much different, fan created things that barely seem recognizable anymore. That’s what makes it so great! With its long lasting effect, Undertale has created a universe of its own that is easily accessible as long as you have the magic of the internet. It’s basically impossible to run out of content at this point. 

Here’s a fan-made Onion San wallpaper, which I know you’ll love.

Unlockable Secrets


It’s likely that you missed one or two hidden secrets in the game after playing it the first time. Go back and explore the hidden crevices of the game, and you may discover something new. Small details like these continue to make the game surprising for old and new players alike. 

I just gave you a clue.

Fantastic Sound Design

There is no feeling quite like the ones invoked during the soundtracks of this game. Toby Fox did a fantastic job at capturing ambient and emotions, capable of making a grown man cry. They have an arcade-like essence to them, while still remaining amazingly unique and can be listened to as individual music pieces. It’s funny to think several of them only use a couple of notes, yet remain as complex musical compositions.

Undertale Full OST/soundtrack

Great Storytelling

Any original player of the game will tell you about the storytelling ability of this game, keeping you attached until the very end. There are huge twists, good humor, stark changes in animation, and an overall heart-warming tale that may end up well, depending on the paths you choose. Either way you will be paying very close attention to Frisk’s journey, no matter how long you’ve played it for. It’s like reading a fairytale that you are a part of. 

A beautiful scene in story-telling.

Life Lessons

Sans will judge your ultimate behavior in the game. Depending on whether you chose to commit a genocide run or be entirely passive, you will receive well designed dialogues that can make you feel extremely guilty, or very much at ease. This game carries what you may consider a real-life message, since it is directed precisely at the player and not only at Frisk. Isn’t that fun?

The Sans Judgment Hall is pretty scary.



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Written by Emily Shadel

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