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Top 8 Favorite Black Widow Moments In The MCU

Natasha Romanoff is no doubt one of the popular characters in the MCU. Because of her dedication to keep the whole team together, as seen in Avengers: Endgame, she has earned the respect of her colleagues and the hearts of fans across the world.

With only a few months’ time before her own solo movie Black Widow arrives in theaters, we’d like to take a trip down memory lane and relieve our favorite Natasha moments.

8. Flirting with Bruce Banner

It came as a shock to us when we saw Natasha kissing Bruce in AvengersAge of Ultron. She is seen as the serious, work-oriented person in the team and showing this kind of vulnerability was a surprise.

Their tandem received mixed reactions, as compared to Natasha flirting with Steve Rogers. Some fans did not find the love team convincing but it gave us a peripheral view of Natasha’s inner sentiments.

7. Friendship with Hawkeye

The memorable fight scene where Natasha asked Clint if it was just like in Budapest gave us a hint that they have worked together in the past. When the MCU was established, both of them were shown to have a long history, with Clint making a different call when he was tasked to kill Natasha.

The way she jokes around him makes us feel they have a deeper bond more than the rest of the team. When she asked Clint if they are still friends during their airport fight scene in Captain AmericaCivil War, that’s saying something like it’s “nothing personal, just doing my job.”

6. Natalie Rushman as Tony Stark’s Assistant

Nick Fury sent Natasha to apply as an assistant to Tony Stark and Pepper Potts when they learned that Tony was ill. They did not get along well especially when Tony has become suspicious of her.

Remember the scene when Tony was searching her name in Google and found out she speaks Latin? Tony thought Natasha was faking her résumé but she spoke to him in Latin after he confronted her inside Pepper Potts office.

5. Kissing Steve Rogers

Let’s face it, everyone ships Natasha and Steve. We know one way or another they’re going to end up kissing each other—it’s just a matter of time! In Captain AmericaThe Winter Soldier, we’ve seen her flirt with Steve during one of their missions.

To avoid getting seen by a HYDRA soldier, Natasha kisses Steve in the escalator, saying public display of affection makes people uncomfortable. Well, Steve did really feel uneasy after that.

4. Natasha and Bucky Fight Scene

This particular encounter in Captain America: Civil War created a lot of funny memes on the Internet. During a fight scene with Bucky, Natasha tried to take him down using her signature move but he was strong enough to grab her, slam her body into the table, and choked her.

Kidding aside, Natasha told Bucky in between breaths, “You could at least recognize me.” This implies that the two of them have worked together before. We know that both of them are enhanced soldiers so they might have gone under the same training program.

3. Black Widow’s Fight Scene at Hammer Industries

This is the first time we saw Natasha use her acrobatic skills. Wearing the Black Widow suit, she enters Justin Hammer’s headquarters and beat the guards at the entrance.

Some men broke their legs, one guy broke his neck (he was hanging by the ceiling) and Happy Hogan was so preoccupied with the one guy he’s trying to smack down.

2. Natasha’s Tied-Up Interrogation

In the opening scene of the first Avengers movie, we first saw Natasha tied down to a chair and interrogated by the Russians. During the ordeal, Agent Coulson called her phone asking her to come back because Clint has been compromised.

She told Coulson that she’s working and put him on hold. The next thing we know, she’s already spinning kicks and breaking free from the chair. In that moment, we know that Natasha is going to be a favorite character in the MCU.

1. Sacrificed Herself for the Soul Stone

This is absolutely not a favorite scene but we saw how pure and genuine Natasha is as a friend. She sacrificed her life so Clint could get the Soul Stone. In that moment, she knew she had to jump.

It broke our hearts to see a character as well-loved as Natasha go. We’ve been on her side since day one and we’re glad her sacrifice was never for nothing. 

Have you seen the latest trailer for Black Widow? What are your favorite Natasha moments? Tell us yours in the comments!

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