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Top 8 Impressive Popular Game Titles From 2021

2021 has given us some great game titles to enjoy throughout the year. Here are 8 popular game titles that have struck impressive ranks.



Rider’s Republic

This is a massive, multiplayer sports playground where players are able to ride in style, using bikes, snowboards, skis, or even a wing-suit. We can’t overstate how fantastic this game is, as it is accompanied by a beautiful design and great graphics, haptics, and competitive open-world game-play. It is one of the best games of 2021, with a 96% approval score and huge fan-base.

Fandomwire Video
riders republic
Keep on riding.


Call of Duty Vanguard

This is a release from the well-known COD franchise, giving players yet another juicy FPS to savor this year. Complete with multiplayer and zombie mode, this game went all out with massive maps for multiple-person shootouts. Although this game remains popular, some players believe the developers of this game have left behind campaign mode, and need to improve it for future releases.

cod vanguard
Should Sledgehammer make improvements on campaign?

Resident Evil Village

This sequel to Resident Evil 7 has been a great horror-game contender so far. It has reproduced a Transylvanian village accurately with great graphics, and has given RE fans an awesome continuation to Biohazard. Here, you will play as Ethan as he trudges through mutation-infested lands with an unforgivable cold environment. This game has also garnered a 96% approval from players.

residetn evilll
Lady Dimitrescu’s final form is sublime.

Halo Infinite


The most recent Halo release has awesome graphics and game-play. Not much has changed, but it’s not difficult to see how the series has improved for a seamless shooting experience. Cut-scenes are great, maps have been expanded, and some players believe this is one of the most emotional Halo games to date.

halo infintite
Some consider Cortana’s final message to Master Chief as a message from the Devs to the players!


Returnal is without a doubt, a super cool game with the impressive ability to change and adapt to your moves the further you play. This game has gotten great reviews with players who believe it has good game mechanics and well-done scifi-like environments. This third-person rogue game has been well received with an 85% approval.

Returnal offers very beautiful sci-fi environments.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

GTA has finally come out with a fine compilation of all three of its releases. This compact trilogy has been long-awaited and includes all the GTA content you need, in one solid copy. It has received enhanced visuals and game-play for all you hard fans, and is overall a good 2021 choice for your game library.

gta trilogy
The full collection is in stock.

Forza Horizon 5


Forza has finally come out with a complete storyline before the Hall of Fame, making players the happiest they’ve been for a long time. Those in possession of this game will note the smooth and sensitive controller movements. Most can attest to this game being a fun, challenging, and relaxing time-sink for hours on end.

The Jesko is a beast of a car to control.


FNAF: Security Breach


FNAF has never looked this good. This long-awaited release is definitely something to celebrate, with terrifying free-roam horrors lurking in every lobby. Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex looks great with incredible graphics and survival puzzles. Here’s something even funner: Freddy himself will be leading you through the entire way. It can’t get any better than that.

We absolutely love the stylistic design this game has.


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Written by Emily Shadel