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Top Crime Series On Netflix With Nail-biting Suspense You Can Watch Right Now

Who did it? Was it the Butler? Every now and then, we like to hold a cup of coffee in our hands in a chilly October night and dig ourselves in for a food suspense thriller. For some reason, the element of mystery attracts a lot of viewers. And Netflix has a lot to offer if you are one of them.


Tired of long hours of binge watching? Want a show that manages to build up a good plot and has enough material to keep you hooked?? Is there even a show like that on Netflix? Well yes of course there is!!!! Collateral is a 4 part BBC miniseries that stars Carey Mulligan as a charismatic detective trying o figure out the identity of the one who murdered a pizza delivery guy. The show touches upon sensitive issues like Immigration and Racism in a Post Brexit World. Despite being a British show, it manages to not keep it all gloom and doom. There’s ample amount of humor too.


We have to be honest. The American remake sucked. It was an abomination. You want to watch a truly satisfying crime suspense thriller? You opt for the original British version. Chris Chibnall creates a compelling premise and set of characters. A young boy is found dead under the cliffs in a quiet UK town. David Tennant and Olivia Colman play the characters in charge of the investigation. The first show is one of the most complete suspense thrillers we have ever seen. The second and third seasons can also be considered the cream of the crop within the murder mystery genre.


Criminal has a pretty basic plot. But where it scores is the amount of firepower it brings. And by fire power we obviously mean famous celebrities. People like David Tennant aka The Purple Man of Jessica Jones and Kit Harrington aka Jon Snow of Game Of Thrones have bene associated with the project. Many other stars have also participated in the series. With Season 2, the buzz around the show reached sky high. The crime anthology series takes place entirely within the interrogation room. That’s surely a fresh premise never tried before in this genre.

The Valhalla Murders

Police officers no longer in their prime, with a broken past, and a string of controversies that has mired their records, have become so commonplace as protagonists in a police procedural. But The Valhalla Murders is more than just about the lead actor. Set in the City of Oslo, the police crime drama series from Iceland features a cop and her allies trying to figure out how to stop a notorious serial killer from turning the city into his personal hunting ground. It’s unique direction and plot detailing are one of its highlights.

The Stranger

The plot twists are nerve wracking. The turns in the story will leave you in shambles. The Stranger has multiple moments to keep you engaged throughout. It is one of the few shows that genuinely left us intrigued. It manages to do the impossible – keeping the adrenaline high with mere story-telling. There’s little to no action sequences. Although there were too many open threads the show failed to answer, we have to say this is one show you cannot miss. Adam Price is a loving family man. His life is turned upside down when he realizes all the people closest to him have been lying. There’s betrayal, murder, and a hell of a lot of suspense.