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Top DC Animated Universe Action Scenes That Still Give Us Goosebumps

DC Animated Universe action scenes are some of the best comic book battle sequences ever created. These DC Animated Universe action scenes will leave you stunned!

The Dark Knight Returns – Batman Fights The Joker

The Dark Knight Returns

The Batman returns to fighting crime from a life of retirement. The Joker, who had since remained in a vegetative state, returns back to being Batman’s arch-nemesis. Staying true to DC Animated Universe action scenes, the Joker manages to get under Batman once again. The final fight between the two was bloody and brutal. The Joker had a batarang stuck in his eye socket and the Batman got stabbed several times. Batman only breaks the Joker’s neck to stop him from moving. The Joker twists his own neck to brand Batman a murderer – the one label Bruce has tried all his life escaping.

Justice League Fights Darkseid

Justice League: War

The DCAU movie adapted the New 52 “Origin” story arc. Darkseid finally comes to Earth to fight a ha-hazardly grouped up team of Earth’s greatest heroes. The fight initially sees Darkseid having the better hand but as it progresses, Earth’s heroes finally start to work together and push darkseid back. Cyborg opens a boom tube and the entire Justice League works in tandem to push Darkseid back into the hellhole he came out of. That is a sight to behold.

Terry McGinnis vs. The Joker

Return Of The Joker

In Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Terry McGinnis of the Batman Beyond universe finds himelf in a fix. Tim Drake, the best and brightes of all the Robins, turned out to be the Joker. The Joker had once kidnapped Tim and placed his genetic material in him in case the former died and needed a successor to carry on his legacy. Tim Drake as Joker turns out to be a deadly opponent. He has all the martial arts prowess of Tim that Batman taught him as well as the Joker’s unpredictability. It is ultimately when Terry plays dirty that the new Joker of the Batman Beyond universe is finally defeated.

Superman vs. Doomsday

Death Of Superman

The Death Of Superman will always remain an iconic and legendary story arc. So when we heard that DC is making a DCAU movie on the same, we could not contain our excitement. DC Animated universe Action Scenes do not get any better than this. Superman finally meets his match in the form of Doomsday. When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, the battle will obviously be one for the history books. As far as Dc Animated universe actions scenes are concerned, Superman vs. Doomsday does not disappoint.

Captain Marvel Vs. Superman

Justice League Unlimited

This is a battle we wanted in one of the many DC Animated Universe action scenes DCAU has given us. But ultimately, the battle between Shazam and Superman came in a TV series rathe rthan a DCAU movie. Captain Marvel tries to stop Superman from destroying Lex Luthor’s real estate project. Superman thinks it’s a trap while Billy Batson tries to calm him down. As the punches between the Man of Steel and the World’s Mightiest Mortal start flying, the shockwaves could be felt throughout the DC Universe in Justice League Unlimited.

Batman vs. The Joker vs. Red Hood

Under The Red Hood

Batman: Under The Red Hood saw Jason Todd returning from the dead with a vengeance. Jason wants Batman to avenge his death by killing the Joker. The Batman will die before killing anyone no matter how tainted the other person’s hands are with blood. Jason gives Batman a final choice – let him kill the Joker or shoot Jason and save the Joker. The Battle ends with Batman and the Joker somehow escaping by a hair’s breadth as the Red Hood is nowhere to be found. The intensity in DC Animated Universe action scenes are generally high but this one takes the cake, fair and square.