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Top Five Supernatural Villains of All Time

Top Five Supernatural Villains of All Time

Running for fifteen seasons, Supernatural had more than its fair share of villains, both season long big-bads and case-of-the-week smaller creatures. Some of them fell flat, while others were imposed in the Supernatural fandom in one way or the other. Here we have a list of the top five Supernatural villains, for better or worse.

5. Azazel/Yellow-Eyed Demon

Top five Supernatural villains
Fredric Lehne as Azazel

The villain that started it all. Sparsely used over the first two seasons, the over-arching storyline was the hunt for the Yellow-Eyed Demon. With their father John, the two Winchester brothers chased Azazel around the United States, trying to figure out the connection and reason he’d killed their mother all those years ago. Willingly giving himself up for Dean’s life, John also ended up the victim of Azazel at the start of season two, and the boys got their revenge at the end of season two once Azazel’s plan had come to fruition after using his psychic kids to open the gates of Hell.

4. Dick Roman

Richard Roman
James Patrick Stuart as Dick Roman

Leader of the Leviathian’s, Dick Roman arrives in season seven after Castiel opens the gates to Purgatory in an attempt to become the next God. Dick Roman is an over-the-top villain that’s charming, cheesy and terrifying. Aiming to transform the human race into a herd of cattle more or less, he’s also to blame for the boys losing their surrogate father Bobby Singer.

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3. Chuck/God

hero image.fill .size 1248x702.v1611609207
Rob Benedict as Chuck/God

The most powerful entity on the list of top five Supernatural villains, originally turning up in the battle against Lucifer as a prophet, Chuck reveals in the later seasons he’s the elusive God himself. In the final season he takes a more benevolent role, telling the boys he’s orchestrated their entire lives, all of their heartache and loss, all for his amusement. Growing bored, God decides to move on to a new project, and tells the brothers he’ll be ‘deleting’ their universe unless they do what he wants and kill one another.

2. Lucifer

lucifer supernatural
Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer

What’s to be said about the devil? Rearing his head several times over the fifteen seasons, Lucifer is more than a thorn in the side of the brothers. He ends up torturing Sam in Hell when they’re stuck in the cage together, possesses the President of the United States, and even kills his own son to steal his powers… all with a smile on his face. It’s always a good sign when the villain leaves you with a smile on your face every time they’re on screen, which Lucifer does, in his own terrifying and horrid way.

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1. Crowley

Top five Supernatural villains
Mark Pellegrino as Mark Sheppard is claimed to be the best villain Supernatural ever had

Number one on the list of top five Supernatural villains, the enigmatic English villain, Crowley always walks the fine line of being helpful, and being flat out villainous. Never far from betraying the boys, Crowley, the King of Hell, is only ever out for himself. From trying to kill the brothers, to helping them with a bigger bad, to a road trip with Demon Dean and eventually sacrificing himself to help the Winchesters, Crowley is a fantastically written and acted character, and one that we never really knew what side of the line he’d land on.

Who would you have put in your own list of top five Supernatural villains?

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