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Top Gun: Maverick Star Monica Barbaro Reveals How She Didn’t Throw Up During Death Defying Stunts

Tom Cruise led Top Gun: Maverick is receiving lots of recognition and is booming at the box office. The film comes decades after the original film Top Gun which came out in 1986. Top Gun: Maverick is an American action thriller that has earned an estimated $291.6 million through Sunday in North America and $548.6 million globally.

Top Gun 2
Poster of Tom Cruise led Top Gun: Maverick

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Among the Stars, who gained names after this amazing movie, there is this one character who has emerged as the Top Gun franchise’s first female fighter pilot. The lady referred here is Lieutenant Natasha “Phoenix” Trace.

Top Gun 2 Actor Monica Barbaro Revealed How Her Ballet Helped In Her Role

Top Gun: Maverick Actor
Top Gun: Maverick Star Monica Barbaro

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Actor Monica Barbaro, who is one of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’s trainees, during an interview with Glamour, shared her story about how her early skills would help her in excelling in the role.

Barbaro revealed that her ballet training during her early years developed “high pain tolerance” which helped her in performing aerial sequences performed in actual F-18 fighter jets.

“There was a funny moment where a couple of the guys were saying they hated going upside down, and I was like, ‘I’ve been going upside down forever. “I would do handstands before flights… It helped me control some of the weird feelings of blood rushing to spaces you don’t usually want it to.” 

Actor Monica Barbaro Shared Her Training Experience Required For Top Gun 2

Top Gun: Maverick Actor
Top Gun: Maverick Actor emerged as the franchise’s first female fighter pilot

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She talked about the training that the actors have to do which is one of the movie’s most popular topics whenever Top Gun 2 comes.

“Well, we did somewhere around 40 hours of flight training and a fair amount of ground school for flying. Everyone did a ton of swim training in case you have to eject over water. It’s not just swimming; you get pushed off this high-rise and have to fall in the pool and unstrap your parachute. There’s one drill where the wind is pulling the parachute and pulling you across the water. I did extra swimming because I was really nervous about that,” Barbaro shared her experience.

When asked about how many people threw up while doing Stunts, she replied, “A lot of people. Honestly, my hat goes off to them because the idea of throwing up regularly and then continuing this job is just insane to me. I mean, this movie was intense on the ground, let alone in the air. On top of that, they had to throw up and recover and keep filming. Jay Ellis and I were basically the ones who didn’t.”

Top Gun: Maverick is available in the theatres now.


Written by Priya Sharma