Top Horror Films of 2022 Ranked

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2022 has been a phenomenal year for Horror with some groundbreaking achievements. From sequels to reboots, 2022 has reignited the horror franchise in a way that towers over any other year in recent memory. These are the top horror films of 2022 ranked.


10. The Black Phone

The Black Phone
The Black Phone – Top Horror Films of 2022 Ranked

Ghost kids have been a staple of horror cinema for as long as we can remember. Ghosts are scary. But kid ghosts… for some reason, scarier on another level. Tell me the scariest part of The Sixth Sense wasn’t that ghost kid with a hole in the back of his head. The Black Phone brings back the horror trope of the juvenile ghosts and pairs it with Ethan Hawke in a terrifying mask. It’s part horror, part thriller, all chills.

9. The Innocents

The Innocents
The Innocents – Top Horror Films of 2022 Ranked

What would really happen if children developed telekinetic abilities? Would they use them for fun and games, or would their underdeveloped brains and lack of impulse control lead them to make deadly and life altering choices. That’s the overarching question of The Innocents, an extremely unseetling Norwegian horror/thriller.


8. Prey

Prey – Top Horror Films of 2022 Ranked

Predator has had its ups and downs over the years. There have been many sequels, but none have captured the pure insanity and ferocity of the Arnold Schwarzenegger starring original. Prey might not quite reach that level of excellence; however, it’s the strongest entry in the long running franchise that we’ve gotten since the OG. It’s brutal.

7. Deadstream

Deadstream – Top Horror Films of 2022 Ranked

Comedy and horror go hand in hand. Deadstream knows this and uses the two genres to craft a unique, found footage style film that is equal part laughs and screams. A disgraced streamer decides to spend the night in a haunted house and live stream (hence the name, get it?) the entire ordeal. He soon learns that internet stardom comes at a cost.

6. Hellraiser

Hellraiser – Top Horror Films of 2022 Ranked

Hellraiser is the second direct to Hulu movie to make the list. It’s a unique take on a well known story. One thing the original Hellraiser is known for, is its over the top, grotesque depictions of violence, torture and gore. The 2022 film doesn’t reach the same levels of squirm inducing discomfort, but manages to tell a solid story that feels fresh despite the plethora of sequels to come before it.


5. Terrifier 2

Terrifier 2
Terrifier 2 – Top Horror Films of 2022 Ranked

Terrifier 2 is over two hours of Art the clown torturing and tormenting in some of the most grotesque manners ever put to screen… There’s really not much more to say about it. If your a fan of the first Terrifier, or All Hallows Eve, then you’re sure to be the target audience. And if you’re not… well, then it’s best to save your stomach and sit this one out.

4. Scream (2022)

Scream (2022)
Scream (2022) – Top Horror Films of 2022 Ranked

Ghostface returns in Scream (2022). Ghostface is such a unique slasher villain because despite how iconic the mask and robe are, it’s a different killer each time they step onto the screen. Wes Craven reignited the slasher genre with the original Scream in 1996. The sequels have ranged in quality from weak (Scream 3) to excellent (Scream 2). Scream (2022) marks the first entry in the series to not be directed by Craven, but that doesn’t stop it from coming in near the top of the franchise.

3. Pearl

Pearl – Top Horror Films of 2022 Ranked

Pearl may not be the most unique film on the list (that one is coming up) but it’s certainly unique. Acting as a prequel to Ti West’s XPearl tells the origins of a young farm girl who dreams of being stardom. It may sound like an uplifting tale of following your dreams, but Pearl is far from that. It’s a deranged tale of psychosis, loneliness and murder.


2. Barbarian

Barbarian – Top Horror Films of 2022 Ranked

Barbarian was a surprise hit, rocking the horror world with a twisted tale that defied prediction. With a spectacular cast, including horror icons Bill Skarsgård and Justin Long, Barbarian is filled with shocks, gore, laughs and one of the most memorable horror villains of the decade. Audiences in select screenings were provided with baby bottles, filled with a white milky substance, and advised to “drink up.” If you’ve seen the movie, then you understand the significance of that.

1. X

X – Top Horror Films of 2022 Ranked

And here we are, the number one ranked horror film of 2022. is a slasher film that leans into the many tropes and cliches of the genre while working to redefine them, just as Scream did back in the 90’s. When a group of young, attractive actors rent a small cabin to shoot their adult film, they’re tormented and hunted by the elderly owners who don’t approve of their actions. It’s a simple plot that’s layered with complex ideas and most importantly of all, it’s an absolute blast.

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