Top Ten Crisis on Infinite Earths Moments

Crisis on Infinite Earths has been the biggest and most inclusive crossover in television history and even rivals Avengers: Endgame for not only the number of characters included but the grandeur of which it ties up an ongoing story.

Below are our top ten moments of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

10. Holy Nostalgic Cameos!

We were promised multiple cameos from DC Alumni and we weren’t disappointed. Right from the opening of the first episode, we saw cameos from those we knew were appearing such as 1960s Robin Burt Ward and Birds of Prey’s Huntress Ashley Scott, but then there were those we did not officially know were to appear such as Robert Wuhl from the 1989 Batman movie, two of the Titans from Titans and later on the Devil himself, Tom Ellis as Lucifer.

9. Antimatter Annihilation

Regardless of how skeptical fans might be about how our heroes were going to resolve this for the shows to continue, it is undeniable that seeing the villainous Anti-Monitor’s wave of antimatter sweep across the multiverse destroying every reality it engulfed did leave even the harshest critic with a touch of dread as to how exactly they are going to fix it.

The annihilation of random Earths we haven’t seen before is one thing, but the destruction of Earths 2, 38 and X was particularly hard-hitting given we have spent an extensive amount of time on each of them.

8. Death of the Green Arrow

Any fan of Arrow will know that this particular death has been coming not since the start of the current and final season but since last year’s Elseworlds crossover event after Oliver made a deal with the Monitor.

At first Oliver’s death seems out of nowhere as it happens in the very first episode, two episodes before his own episode.

But the repercussions of his death and the meaning behind why he chose to make this deal will either thrill or anger fans depending on how attached they are to the source material.

7. Multiple Supermen

We have two returning DC Alumni to talk about here and the first is Brandon Routh who is still acting in Legends of Tomorrow but appears in Crisis as Kingdom Come Superman, who is reportedly the same Superman Routh portrayed in 2006’s Superman Returns who is, in fact, the same Superman Christopher Reeve portrayed.

Then there’s Tom Welling who only gets a one-scene appearance but still progresses the Smallville story as it’s revealed that his Clark gave up his powers to be a regular family man with wife Lois (Erica Durance) and their daughters.

6. Batman in the Flesh

For many DC and TV fans, Kevin Conroy has been the definitive voice of Batman for almost thirty years, so when it was announced that the actor would be stepping up to live-action and playing an older version of the Dark Knight.

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Described as a composite Batman borrowing from different comic-book stories including Kingdom Come as well the elderly version of the character from Batman Beyond, Conroy proves whether he’s in live-action or animation, he is still one of the better Batmen.

5. Oliver Queen Becomes The Spectre

Despite being a comic-book character who hasn’t had his chance to shine outside of the pages of the books, Spectre is quite an important addition to Crisis as actor Stephen Lobo portrays a version of Jim Corrigan who has spent a long time under the mantle because when meeting a recently resurrected Oliver Queen in Purgatory, he passes on the mantle to him.

Oliver Queen becoming Spectre was, until the conclusion of this story, a way fans believed Stephen Amell would remain a part of the Arrowverse, however, given how his story ends, we don’t know when we’ll see him next.

7. Paragon Preservation

Parts 2 and 3 of this crossover have the story arc of locating seven individuals who The Monitor names as Paragons who are the Multiverse’s only chance against the Anti-Monitor. These Paragons are revealed to be White Canary, The Flash, Supergirl, Kingdom Come Superman, Batwoman, Martian Manhunter and new character Ryan Choi.

However, when the Anti-Monitor succeeds in obliterating Earth-1 from existence and the Paragons are teleported to safety by Pariah (Harrison Nash Wells), a twist cliffhanger shows that Lex Luthor, who returns during the crossover, rewrote destiny, literally, and made himself a Paragon, replacing Kingdom Come Superman.

8. The Flash Meets The Flash

This was the most unexpected and bizarre moments of the crossover event, while in the Speed-Force trying to find the rest of the Paragons to rally against the Anti-Monitor, Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen comes face to face with Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen.

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Not only does this make the DCEU canon within the Arrowverse, but it also feeds a long-debated fan query of which Flash is better. Given that you see both Scarlet Speedsters side-by-side comparing their suits and DCEU Flash departs with a name-drop of Victor (Cyborg), it’s up to the individual to decide on their favorite.

9. The End of Reality As We Know It

Part 4 of Crisis on Infinite Earths ends in a final confrontation between the Paragons and Spectre Oliver against the Anti-Monitor and his Shadow Demons.

The Spectre, fully aware of what needs to happen to save reality, sacrifices himself in order to show the Paragons how to reboot the universe.

In doing so, however, Oliver and the Spectre supposedly use the last of their life-force and die at the end of the Arrow episode. This death is carried over to the final episode but knowing there are only two episodes of Arrow left, the fans will be feeling this death.

10. Earth-Prime

“Worlds lived, worlds died. Nothing will ever be the same.” and boy were they not kidding. Not only does this crossover pay respect to the comic-book crossover and create a new Earth for the Arrowverse, combining the five main Arrowverse shows and Black Lightning, but we see that other Earths are now home to the other current DC shows outside of the Arrowverse.

Titans and Doom Patrol have their own Earths as well as the upcoming Stargirl and Green Lantern shows. Even Kingdom Come Superman is shown to still inhabit Earth-96.

The crossover ends with the official formation of the Arrowverse version of the Justice League and a teaser that seems to indicate the arrival of the Wonder Twins.

What was your favorite part of Crisis on Infinite Earths? Comment below with your thoughts and feelings.

Written by Jai Howlett

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