Toy Story: 5 Reasons Why Grown-Ups Find It Relatable

If anyone asks a millennial what they think about the Toy Story movies, they would all admit to loving them as kids. Toy Story first came out in 1995 where grown-ups today were just starting to enjoy their childhood. The franchise became a huge part of their early lives so it is no wonder why millennials will always find a piece of themselves in the movies.

Whether it’s the heartwarming story of friendship or the bittersweet transition from childhood to adulthood, the audience will indeed feel a pang of nostalgia. Besides, it is nice to relive the good old days once in a while!

Woody And Buzz’s Friendship

Toy Story -1

Friendship is a complicated thing, especially when two people just start to find themselves slowly drifting apart. It is a struggle for many grown-ups, too, and all the more painful when you see an old friend being friends with someone else.

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A lot of things get between friendships – college, work, new interests – and this is entirely normal. Woody and Buzz managed to make it work and show each other that friendship triumphs any obstacle.

Anxiety And Mental Health

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Millennials face anxiety in their everyday lives, and no one talks about it. Unlike when we were kids, it’s easy to say that we feel sad or hurt or even happy. Toy Story expressed this in a careful yet relevant way.

When Rex the T-Rex freaked out over the smallest reason, it showed the audience that most of the things they worry about are not really that important if we look at them in a bigger picture. It is, most of the time, just our mind playing tricks with itself.

Growing Up

Andy Toy Story

Since the millennials have followed the journey of Toy Story, it’s easier to recognize the changes brought about by growing up. When the first movie came out, we were just barely 10 years old. When the last film was released, we’re now juggling between careers and paying bills.

It is a difficult process, but everyone goes through that; even Andy needs to go to college and leave his old beloved toys behind.

Changes In Technology

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Adults who were born in the 90s have seen technologies grow and improve over the years. An old gaming toy will immediately give them the nostalgic feeling that the latest Xbox can never offer. That’s why this film is so relatable – it makes us aware that time is ever-changing.

The movie also had to go with the changes in technology in order to invite new audiences as well as welcome back the old ones.

They Grew Up With The Franchise


As mentioned, this film was released in the 90s as a coming-of-age tale that most children in that generation have loved and treasured. When the third movie came out in 2010, these children became young adults now prepping for college.

They had to match Andy’s story with the life of the kids who grew up watching it. This way, they will feel that Toy Story is still part of their lives even as grown-ups.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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