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Transformers: All the Original Thirteen Primes – Ranked

The Thirteen were the original Primes created by Primus. Given a sacred purpose and bestowed with godlike abilities, they fought Unicron, shaped the fate of the universe, and gave birth to all life in the cradle of creation.

Alpha Trion

transformers alpha trion

The weakest Prime on this list, Alpha Trion was the scribe and record keeper of the Primes. Holder of the artifact known as the Quill, Alpha Trion is tasked with recording the events of the Primes in the past, present, and the future. The Quill possesses the power to rewrite the future but it is an unpredictable ability and requires to be used in conjunction with the Thirteen’s Covenant of Primus. Alpha Trion hides the power of his Quill even from the Original Thirteen Primes.

Solus Prime

transformers solus prime

The Thirteen revere and look up to Solus Prime for her positive attitude and welcoming personality. Solus Prime finds happiness in the act of creation. All female transformers are modeled based on her original template. Solus is in charge of the Forge, a device that has given birth to the rest of the Thirteen’s artifacts. Without her, the Thirteen would have never acquired such legendary weapons.

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Quintus Prime

transformers QuintusPrime

Quintus Prime, like Solus Prime, loves creating. But his idealistic and perfectionist urges lead him to lock heads with the other members of the Thirteen, particularly Solus Prime. Quintus is the Scientists of the Thirteen. Using his powerful Emberstone he was the one who created organic life in the cosmos. The Quintessons, a dark and ancient race, were one of his first creations.

Micronus Prime

transformers micornus prime

Micronus Prime is the conscience of the Thirteen and a Mini-Con. While he him-self possesses not as great powers, he has tremendous auxiliary and supporting abilities. His Chimera Stone could mould his energy and impart it to his allies in ways that could enhance their abilities. Micronus Prime would later give birth to the Mini-Con race.

Amalgamous Prime

transformers amalgamous prime

Amalgamous Prime is a gentle and kind-hearted Prime and a very fond prankster. He is granted the fit of the Transformation Cog, which formed the basis for all Transformations the subsequent generations of Transformers’ transformation abilities. Amalgamous prime is the only Prime in this list with not just one but two weapons. He also has a shape-shifting Scythe that can change form and mimics his malleable nature. The Prime later founded the Shifters.

Alchemist Prime

transformers alchemist prime

Alchemist Prime is the only Prime from the Original Thirteen who is said to be still alive within the Transformers continuity. He can see the farthest and deepest than any other primes thanks to his Lenses. Alchemist Prime has studied the universe’s natural order for eons, having had deciphered the laws of creation, a secret he keeps very close to his heart. He is also an avid drinker and an alcoholic.

Liege Maximo

transformers liege maximo

When Primus created the original Thirteen Primes, he also created Liege Maximo along with them. One of the thirteen, the purpose of Liege Maximo was to be the shadow to the Primes’ light. In other words, he was destined to be evil. He is called the Prime of Lies. His weapon is called the Liegian Dart, a projectile that contained toxins that could incapacitate any foe forever once they entered the body. But Liege Maximo’s true skill is in manipulating others and corrupting them, turning them over to his side.

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Vector Prime

transformers vector prime

Vector Prime is the master of space and time. Through the use of his lades of Time, he can manipulate the fabric of space-time and bend them to his will. Unlike their name-sake, the Blades of Time are not weapons. It resembles a mandala or hourglass which can be used to move to and fro in time. From what we know, Solus Prime tried to create another such artifact with similar abilities, showing that the Blades of Time could be replicated.

Onyx Prime

transformers onyx prime

Onyx Prime is the first Beat Form Cybertronian. He is known to be very spiritual and cryptic in his ways. Called the Lord of the Beasts, Onyx Prime can remain in perfect harmony and synchronization with both the real as well as the spirit world. The artifact in his possession is called the three faced Triptych Mask. The mask can only be used by him, giving him the ability to see every being in the living universe as well as the after-life. He could even see across the journey of a spark traversing through the after-life. The mask allows him to commune with the dead. He is one of the most respected Primes, revered by the Beast Transformers as a living God.

Nexus Prime

transformers nexus prime

Nexus Prime is known as the universe’s first combiner. He has a more infamous title – Nexus Maximus. Nexus Prime holds with him the Enigma of Combination. Known to be light-hearted and a prankster, he is the most unpredictable Prime in this list. The Enigma of Combination allows him to separate him-self into smaller forms, each connected via a single sentient consciousness. The artifact gives him the power to combine with any other Transformer in the vicinity to increase his power and intelligence levels. It can also be used to foster cooperation between living beings in close proximity.

The Thirteenth Prime

transformers arisen

In the Aligned continuity, the Thirteenth Prime is better known as Optimus Prime, the current leader of the Autobots and protector of the universe. Optimus Prime was the first Prime to raise his hand in greeting, uniting all the Primes and becoming their official mediator. The current holder of the Matrix of Leadership, Optimus prime commands a huge army of Autobots. In the IDW Continuity, the Thirteenth Prime is simply known as the Arisen who joined forces with the other Primes in Crystal City to build the first Transformers’ civilization.


transformers the fallen

Megatronus is now more infamously known as the Fallen. Once the greatest prime of his generation, he was corrupted and started working for his own ends. In the end, he mutilated his own body to resemble that of a burning furnace, betraying the Thirteen to become the first Decepticon. The Fallen commands mystic and cosmic forces only one other prime on this list has domain over – Prime. He can open space bridges, undo the forces of creation, and traverse the different alternate realities at will. His weapon is called the Requiem Blaster – a weapon that can harness the sound waves of a quasar and the heat of a supernova, releasing an energy that can obliterate any Transformer and even distinguish his or her spark.

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transformers Prima

Prima is the leader of the Covenant Thirteen. He is the first Transformer to have been ever created. Primus forged Prima and gave him the legendary Star Saber which had the mythical Matrix of Leadership in its hilt. Prima led the Original Covenant Thirteen against the evil Unicron, arch-nemesis of Primus and the anti-thesis of creation. Prima has the most powerful offensive abilities among all the Primes on this list. His Star Saber Sword could slice through stars and snuff out planets with a single slash. In the Transformers Universe, only a chosen few are able to wield the mighty sword in combat. But none of them have been able to master it the way Prima has. He is officially the most powerful Prime to ever exist.

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