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Transformers: Universal Studio Beijing Resort’s Megatron Actor Goes Viral

Transformers Megatron Actor at Theme Park Goes Viral For Roasting Guests

The original animated series or the newer films always excite true Transformers fans. They know what to expect from the franchise’s cast of characters. However, this time around the fans might have got more than they bargained for.

The latest series of viral videos brings one incarnation of Megatron in the news. When the Universal Studios’ Beijing Resort opened its doors on September 20, it brought a costumed version of Megatron in the spotlight. The Megatron cast member is roasting and making fun of the attendees in the viral videos below.

Watch a few viral videos below.

Why Megatron is Making News

Transformer Universal Studios
Universal Studios Beijing













The Megatron cast member tells the visitors of the park to “Surrender or be destroyed” and calls the visitors “fools” who don’t greet him. Similarly, he calls some visitors “a vile human” or “a foolish guy”. He has also picked a few lines from the Transformers movies.

In one video, an attendee is flipping the Megatron to which he responds, “Your gesture is so rude. Did your parents not teach you this?”, and later “Go away. I don’t want to take a picture with him.”

Universal Resort Beijing’s statement said that the guest and the Megatron can’t be reprimanded for the actions. Since there is no rule preventing the guests from “making inappropriate gestures” at costumed characters. However, if any such thing happens in the future, the staff will take timely action.

Megatron has also been a part of official complaints by the visitors of the park. However, he is the center of attraction and guests want to take pictures with him.

Megatron On Big-Screen

Transformers: Optimus Prime Vs Megatron
Transformers: Optimus Prime Vs Megatron















2018’s Bumblebee almost included Megatron in the movie. Back in 2019, Bumblebee director Travis Knight said, “I had this whole thing that I boarded out myself where I had Megatron in there.” The director had everything planned out for Megatron’s big appearance. However, the plans fell through due to budget issues.

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Written by Aditi Thosar