Travis Kelce is “Nervous” Because of Taylor Swift’s Big Day Amid Engagement Rumors

The Chief's player had something big planned for the Lover singer for her birthday, following confirmation that they were "playing house"

Travis Kelce is "Nervous" Because of Taylor Swift's Big Day Amid Engagement Rumors


  • Travis Kelce planned an intimate dinner with beau Taylor Swift for her birthday
  • The player was apparently nervous before the birthday bash
  • The couple have been going strong, attending each other's performances
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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance has become s quite a hot topic in recent months. The singer and the Kansas City Chief’s player have made their relationship public, but seem to have gotten together way before publically announcing it. Now, with Swift’s 34th birthday behind us, the rumour mill might have picked up some details about the couple based on what Kelce had planned for the AntiHero singer.

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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

While the Blank Space singer was gearing up for her birthday bash, a source close to the duo revelaed that Kelce was more than a little nervous about the occasion, having planned an intimate dinner for the 2 along with a semi-surprise party. However, it is the former arrangement that has fueled the engagement rumours between the two, leaving fans guessing regrdig when the two will take the next step in  thier relationship.


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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have ‘seemlesly blended their lives’

2023 has been a great year for Taylor Swift
2023 has been a great year for Taylor Swift

Sources have confirmed that Kelce and Swift are indeed ‘playing house’, having no trouble blending thier lives together. The duo have been living in Kelce’s $8 million bachelor pad, which Swift has been turning into a lovely home, reports have said. The duo have also been seen watching each otehr play (as in the game and music), with Swift attending the Chief’a game and Kelce making an appearence at her Era’s Tour concert.


As thier relationship blossoms further, it seems Kelce might have delivered a big birthday bash for the artist, but the Chief’s player was revealed to be a little nervous from sources close to the two. With the rumours of an engangement in the air, Kelce’s nervousness has fanned the flames of the rumour.

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Kelce spent Taylor’s birthday away from the singer

Thomas Kelce, Taylor Swift's
Thomas Kelce

The Kansas City Chiefs player found himself away from his beau, due to some prior urgent commitments, on her birthday, i.e. 13th December. The plans that Kelce had for the occasion witht e singer were seemingly executed earlier, with Swift spending the birthday with her best friend, Selina Gomez. However, Swift had several arrangments of flowers delivered to her house, which fan’s suspect were from Kelce, but those speculations are yet to be confirmed.

While Swift and Kelce have been going strong, the rumours about them taking the next step in their relationship has been growing ever stornger. Fans are expecting a big announcement from the two anytime, with all eyes trained at December 13th. However, so far, no such big announcement has surfaced. It is safe to assume that the couple is happy where they are, with no intentions of rushing ahead.


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