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Despite Astroworld Tragedy Crippling His Public Image, Travis Scott Bags Lucrative Exclusive Performance at Major League Baseball All-Star VIP Party

Travis Scott and his Astroworld Music Festival incident made it to the headlines last year on 5th November when one of the greatest mass tragedies took place when around 10 people were killed and 300 were injured during the Astroworld Music Festival. That incident had a major impact on the image of the 31-year-old singer but despite that Scott has once again bagged another lucrative Exclusive Performance at the MLB All-Star VIP Party.

Travis Scott gets concert after Astroworld
Travis Scott to perform at MLB All-Star VIP party

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What Happened at Astroworld?

The Astroworld tragedy couldn't stop Travis Scott from getting more concerts
The Astroworld Tragedy is probably the deadliest Concert Tragedy

Back in 2021 on November 5, a terrible incident took place during a concert by Travis Scott at the NRG Park in Houston when a crowd of 50,000 surged towards Scott’s set while he was performing there. This surge of the crowd caused the area to be overly congested and till date, the victims of that day recall how much painful it was when there was hardly any place to move and breathe.

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10 people were killed and around 300 were injured in that concert which is considered one of the deadliest tragedies. According to reports, the people died of compression asphyxia where they were squeezed so much by the surge of the audience that they couldn’t find space to breathe or even move their hands.

Some viral videos even showed that despite a screaming audience and even a couple going on the stage to request the cameraman to stop the concert, nobody paid any heed and the concert went on seamlessly. This invited wide criticism from around the world as every concertgoer, expert and common person questioned what was Scott thinking when he went on to perform even with people dying.

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Still Not the End for Travis Scott:

Instagram Picture
This recent picture of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott invited wide criticism on the internet

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Travis Scott got another lucrative concert to perform at. It’s reported that the singer will perform at a VIP Party before the MLB All-Star Game. He will also be accompanied by J.Balvin in the show and there has been quite a buzz about the show.

The other guests for the show include Aaron Judge, MLBPA executive director Tony Clark and a host of other MLB All-Stars and top current and former players.


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Astroworld was not the first time Travis Scott did something like that, earlier also he was responsible for events like exciting the fans to overpower security so the singer has a history of similar concert chaos. So it should be to the organizers and fans to be more careful and sensible so that tragedies can be avoided.

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