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True Detective Season 4 Officially In The Works With Barry Jenkins At Helm

HBO has announced that the fourth season of  True Detective is officially in development. Not much of the plot has been revealed yet. And the upcoming season is titled, “True Detective: Night County.” According to the sources, this season will take place in the arctic, where the nights last more than 24 hours. The season might have two female leads as well, but no casting has been revealed so far.

The network has chosen Issa Lopez to do the writing of the show, replacing Nic Pizzolatto. And she is also going to be the Executive Producer of the show. Along with Barry Jenkins, who is too the executive producer. Issa Lopez is also set to direct the pilot of the upcoming season of True Detective.

True Detective season 4: All we know so far

Barry Jenkins is the executive producer of True Detective
Barry Jenkins is the executive producer of True Detective

Though, HBO has refused to comment anything about the show. It is possible that we see Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as the Executive Producers as well. The two have already worked in that role for the previous three seasons as well. Barry Jenkins has recently moved to HBO after working for Amazon for a few years.

True Detective is getting a new season
True Detective is getting a new season

True Detective has been one of the most successful shows on HBO this decade. And the fans await the upcoming season. The show has received positive comments from both, the audience and the critics. Except for the second season. The show has also been nominated and won a number of awards over the years. And soon the new season will be out.

It is likely that Nic Pizzolatto will also be credited as an executive producer of the show. Casey Bloys has told The Hollywood Reporter that they are developing ideas for the season. And aiming to give a new voice to the show.

All we can expect from the upcoming season

The show, True Detective is one the most highly acclaimed shows on HBO. The first season, directed by Cary Fukunaga and written by Nic Pizzolatto, is about two detectives. The two have opposite ideologies working together on a case to solve the mystery of gruesome murders taking place in Louisiana. The second was released in 2015, after the huge success of the first. But it did not live up to its prequel. The third season too, though better than the second, wasn’t as good as the first of the franchise.

Issa Lopez is writing the upcoming season of True Detective
Issa Lopez is writing the upcoming season of True Detective

But with a change in the makers of the show, the upcoming season can be expected to be better than the previous two. Issa Lopez is known for Tigers Are Not Afraid. And Barry Jenkins is an Oscar winner for Best Adapted Screenplay for Moonlight. And is one of the most sought directors in Hollywood right now. With this change, the show can be expected to be in a totally new avatar. With a change in scenery, story, and making.

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