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Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Headset Review: Premium Price, Premium Sound? (PS5)

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Last month Turtle Beach released their latest product onto the gaming headset market, and following on from their Stealth 600 MAX and Stealth 700 MAX naming convention, we now have the Stealth Pro; a premium monster of a headset, but does it warrant the price-tag?

Most gamers have heard of, if not used one version of a Turtle Beach headset at some point or another. Known by most as the leading provider of gaming headsets, Turtle Beach have etched their own niche in the market which other providers like Steel Series, Razer and others have tried to replicate, with mixed results.

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Turtle Beach – Stealth Pro?

Stealth Pro

The Stealth Pro headset boasts a significant amount of features, most of which are also found to a lesser degree in the aforementioned Stealth models. However, what they tried with those two models they’ve nearly perfected here.

By far the most important aspect of any gaming headset is the sound that is produced, and I’m glad to say that Stealth Pro absolutely excels in this regard. The accompanying Audio Hub app that comes with the more recent headsets allows users to create their own custom audio profile for different circumstances… want a bassy profile to really test the headset when listening to Drum’n’Bass? Create one. Want a vocal boost profile to allow you to really pick up the dulcet tones of the latest pop artist? I’ll judge you, but do it. There are so many different customisable options that the sound techs among us will love it. That said, the standard, default settings are more than capable of showcasing the capabilities of the headset.

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The headset boasts far improved noise cancellation compared to the previous models, to the point that when I was playing a game or listening to music with the detachable microphone attached, it reduced the noise in the room to such a degree I couldn’t hear someone speaking when they were next to me. Nothing got through. Don’t wear these crossing the road, is what I’m saying. And with the detachable microphone in mind, the clarity of it is phenomenal, with phone calls, party chats and even recordings on my phone clear as day. I can see a considerable amount of streamers and content creators adopting this as their go-to.

As well as fantastic noise cancellation, it has a double battery system, each lasting twelve hours, meaning users are able to charge one whilst using the second, or alternatively, charge the headset and battery directly as well, ensuring there’s very little downtime due to battery life which as an avid gamer and music-listener, is an absolute must.

Turtle Beach

Both the 700 Max model and the Earbuds come with Bluetooth connectivity, as does the Stealth Pro, but unlike the other models, the teething problems are minimal. There’s no complicated process to connect the headset to my phone, PC, laptop or any other Bluetooth enabled items like there was with the Earbuds, and there’s no constant connecting and disconnecting announcement that was widely reported and present with the 700 Max. One small frustration however; upon turning on the headset, instead of it automatically connecting to my phone with both audio and calls connectivity enabled, like the 700 MAX does, for some reason it only connects for calls, and audio has to be manually connected. Minor, but annoying nonetheless.

You’re probably wondering exactly why this model is designed with the PS5 in mind, and to put it simply, the headset works in conjunction with Playstation’s 3D Audio to give you the edge, be it in a competitive multiplayer game like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or an immersive, beautifully crafted single-player experience like Resident Evil 4 Remake, you’ll find yourself hearing things you probably won’t have paid attention to or even registered from your standard audio setup – throw in the now standard-for-Turtle-Beach Superhuman Hearing setting you’ll be unbeatable.

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The Stealth Pro headset is a genuine improvement over the previous two models, the 600 MAX and the 700 MAX, which in their own rights were fantastic to use and wear. The minor setbacks with the bluetooth connectivity aside, you’ll be hard-pressed to find too many issues with the headset. Comfortable, fantastic sound quality and noise- cancellation capabilities and a long battery life make it true to its name, but it is difficult to get passed the heavy pricetag and it’s arguable whether it’s better by such a big difference compared to its ‘lesser’ counterparts.


9 Out of 10

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