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TV Legends From Hit TV Shows Who Said Goodbye To Their Fans In 2021

TV shows keep us all engaged with the shocking twists, be that a mystery being resolved or waking up in an entirely new era. However, the cast plays a significant role in holding back the viewers. There are times when our jaws drop due to the sudden exit of our beloved TV Legends. 2021 has been a year full of shocks and surprises. Let’s have a quick tour to know about the ‘TV Legends From Hit TV Shows Who Said Goodbye To Their Fans In 2021′.

Legacies - Peyton Alex Smith - TV Legends
Peyton Alex Smith
Charles Michael Davis - TV Legends
Charles Michael Davis

Despite the fact that he wasn’t on the show from the beginning, Zane became a prominent figure in the Younger realm during his two-season run as a series regular, owing to his connection with Kelsey. Davis’ choice to leave Empirical and part ways with Hilary Duff’s character in the show’s final season premiere came as a shock to many, including those who had read about Davis’ departure on March 17.

Garret Dillahunt - TV Legends
Garret Dillahunt

When Fear the Walking Dead resumed for its midseason debut on April 11, Dillahunt’s John Dorie didn’t exactly get a pleasant homecoming. Dorie was converted into a zombie after spending the episode oscillating between professing his death wish and contemplating his suicide, compelling June to take her husband out of his suffering.

Fandomwire Video
Sanditon: Theo James - TV Legends
Theo James

PBS surprisingly commissioned two further seasons of this British show, adapted from Jane Austen‘s unfinished novel, on May 6. Fans were overjoyed about the news. But their pleasure was taken away a day later after they got to know that James would not be playing his role as Sidney Parker.

Megan Boone
Megan Boone

Liz Keen spent nearly a decade attempting to figure out who Red was and came tantalizingly close. However, she was fatally shot by Neville Townsend’s right-hand man in the Season 8 finale, therefore ending her fact-finding quest.

Jesse Spencer
Jesse Spencer

After teasing Spencer’s Matthew Casey’s exit, Chicago Fire confirmed it on the show’s 200th episode. This took place with Casey deciding to fly to Oregon to look after his late best friend Andy Darden’s sons.


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