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TV Show Supporting Characters That Totally Hijacked The Spotlight

TV Show Supporting Characters That Totally Hijacked The Spotlight

It comes as no surprise that the major characters in TV shows are intended to be the ones who drive the plot forward. The shows that viewers tend to appreciate the most have always had fantastic main characters. Even after this in mind, the secondary characters play a big role in shows as well. Sure, they may not be the focus of the program, but they must contribute significantly to the plot. Here’s a list of 5 TV show supporting actors who completely brought the house down:

1. Poussey Washington in Orange Is The New Black

One of the best supporting characters on TV shows.
Inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary, portrayed by Samira Wiley in the Netflix series Orange is The New Black.

When Orange Is the New Black first aired, the focus was on Piper Chapman, a blonde who was conventionally pretty. It was rumoured that the makers did this to increase the chances of the series being picked up, as unorthodox starring characters were known to be disregarded. However, as the show progressed, the supporting characters became more popular. Piper was pushed to the back of the bus. Poussey Washington immediately became a crowd favourite, because of her on-screen relationships with the other ladies and her bond with the central protagonist, Taystee. Unfortunately, Poussey was murdered off in an episode that enraged many viewers.

2. Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

One of the best supporting characters on TV shows.
A smart, tough and mysterious badass detective portrayed by Stephanie Beatriz.

Rosa Diaz is, in many respects, the most intriguing character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She started out icy, dark, and stern, but she’s evolved into one of the series’ most interesting and emotionally driven characters. Rosa is the department’s resident dark horse, played by Stephanie Beatriz. Despite her gruff demeanour, she is among the series’s most sympathetic characters, and is always there to help her pals out when they’re in need. Rosa is a figure for the ages, especially when you consider her extremely affecting storyline in which she comes out as bisexual and fights to succeed in a male-dominated field.

3. Becky Jackson in Glee

Among the supporting characters that totally upstaged the main character.
Alumna of William McKinley High School played by Lauren Potter.

Glee has a plethora of starring, supporting, cameo, as well as other characters. Becky Jackson, on the other hand, was a frontrunner from the start. She wasn’t a member of the glee club, wasn’t exactly a Cheerios member, and didn’t sing or dance. However, p eople were soon smitten by her humorous delivery, one-liners, and internal monologue. Despite her disability, her character was powerful, romantic, feisty, and treated equally with every other high school student.

4. Miranda Bailey in Grey’s Anatomy

Among the supporting characters who stole all the limelight.
General surgeon and current Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital: Miranda Bailey.

Dr. Bailey, played by the vivacious Chandra Wilson, is without question one of the most popular black female characters on TV. The chief of surgery is both a comrade who will defend you with all her power and a teacher who will give you tough love without being harsh. Miranda is in command of every area she touches. Dr. Bailey progresses through her surgical career, rising from chief resident to a recognised attending and chief of staff. In addition, she is Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital’s first female chief of staff. Her brilliance is unsurpassed, and she exudes a hell lot of confidence.

5. April in Parks And Recreation

One of the supporting characters who stole the spotlight.
April Roberta Ludgate-Dwyer, portrayed by Aubrey Plaza in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation.

Parks and Recreation is among the funniest sitcoms ever created, so picking just one of the supporting characters is tough. Most people might say that Ron Swanson is the one, but by the end of the series, Ron had effectively taken over as the main character. April, on the other hand, received the award for best supporting role, owing to her comic performance and the intensity of her responses. Her facial expressions alone are worthy of an Emmy nomination. Even when she’s not the prime topic of a scene, April is a visual delight since she’s constantly doing something in the shadows. She certainly understands how to be the centrepiece of any room.



Written by Alfeeya Pathan

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