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Television has now become a part of everyday life, and it has aided in the innovation and transformation of our perspectives on the world. It has had a greater impact on human behavior than any other media we have. There have been a lot of unique and groundbreaking TV shows over the years. Here’s a rundown of a handful of them:


1. Band of Brothers

Although we may think of TV shows like Game of Thrones or Marco Polo as having large budgets and tremendous, spectacle-based narratives, they aren’t exactly new. Shows like Dynasty and North & South created larger-than-life episodes during the 1980s, but it wasn’t until 2001’s Band Of Brothers that the border between television and film became genuinely obliterated. Band of Brothers launched the era of premium television with the help of Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, as well as a very brilliant cast. Band of Brothers was a huge hit during its run, and it was the first show to prove that well-made, spectacle-driven, complicated storytelling could work on television.


2. Seinfeld

One of the most pioneering TV shows: Seinfeld
The primary cast of TV show Seinfeld.

Each season has an arc when you peel back the roots of Friends or Cheers. People who stick together through thick and thin, and so on. The show Seinfeld was about nothingness. The protagonists weren’t quite buddies; rather, they were thrown together by fate. They didn’t evolve as people, and they didn’t learn a lesson from each experience. It was a never-ending round of boring, everyday events. People went to work, to the store, and to eat. It went on and on. Shows like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia may now accept this, but Seinfeld was the first to admit that their show was a pointless distraction.

3. Big Brother

One of the most popular TV shows: Big Brother
One of the most popular TV shows: Big Brother.

Big Brother may have devolved into something nasty, but it began as an experiment when it arrived from Holland. The concept of placing real people in a house and enclosing them with cameras had never been attempted before in a serious manner. It was both a sitcom and a psychological exercise. The show’s ensemble of strange personalities, recruited from a population that had never heard of the term “reality TV star,” made it what it was, and the show’s relentless approach – cameras on them 24 hours a day, seven days a week – made for some memorable television moments.

4. The Late Late Show

One of the most controversial TV shows: The Late Late Show
Cover Poster of the controversial late-night show: The Late Late Show.

It’s easy to disregard The Late Late Show in its current incarnation, but keep in mind that it’s one of television’s longest-running late-night discussion shows. Furthermore, the Late Late Show influenced Ireland’s national discourse on sex, marriage, separation, and almost everything else in between. The show’s openness to exploring themes that were not openly discussed, as well as its bluntness with controversial matters, made it irresistible television for its time.


5. Star Trek

Star Trek: The Original Series.
Star Trek: The Original Series.

It’s hard to fathom how influential Star Trek was on both television and the contemporary culture of TV shows. It has done more to support science than any other television show, both before and after its debut. Star Trek was also responsible for the first-ever televised broadcast of an interracial kiss. The sequence in which Lt. Uhuru and Captain Kirk embrace caused NBC a lot of controversies. Despite the initial apprehension, fans and viewers reacted positively to the sequence, with the show receiving the biggest amount of fan mail in its history.


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