TV Stars Who Had To Leave Because They Became Too Famous For TV

TV Stars Who Had To Leave Because They Became Too Famous For TV

A TV Show can make or break someone’s career. Sometimes it can also launch you on the big screen, or into the world of royals. The possibilities are many and the cost is also very high. Those who are willing to pay it have also earned high rewards. Often, a TV show makes a particular actor more famous than the others in the cast and it doesn’t necessarily has to be the lead. This generally leads to them leaving the show to pursue different things, most likely on the big screen.

While some also choose careers in both simultaneously; the glamourous world of Hollywood and the green screen of the TV. These are some TV stars who ended up leaving because they got too famous for TV.

George Clooney, the first McDreamy

george clooney er
George Clooney

A lot of people don’t know this, especially after the back to back Hollywood hits George Clooney gave us, but he rose to fame with the hit TV show ER. He started his career on TV and got his big break as Doug Ross in ER, this was around the time he also starred in 1997’s Batman and Robin.

He eventually left the show in 1999 to pursue a career in movies entirely and is now one of most famous stars of Hollywood.

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Meghan Markle got swept off to the royal world

meghan markle suits
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for InStyle

The actress, famous for her role as Rachel Zane in the hit TV show Suits, got swept off into the world of royalty. While Meghan Markle continued to work in the show, she eventually left acting behind as she got wrapped up in the royal duties. Marrying a prince can do that to you.

While there have been talks of her returning to acting, it is obvious that she won’t be returning to TV and would pursue a career in Hollywood instead. Although, even that seems unlikely at the moment.

Shia LaBeouf is a different kind of famous

shia la beouf arrested
Source: The Independent

Famous for playing Louis Stevens on Even Stevens, you might’ve known Shia LaBeouf as a Disney channel star first. This was his first break in the acting career and which helped him rise in the industry.


Although LaBeouf is now a different kind of famous after headlining for his unstable behavior and multiple arrests, he did make his way almost to the top in Hollywood after leaving the show. Starring in major hits like Transformers and Indiana JonesLaBeouf surely has had an interesting range.

Ariana Grande went from Victorious in reel life to victorious in real life

ariana vogue cover
Ariana Grande for Teen Vogue

Almost everyone has heard of the famous Nickelodeon series Victorious (2010-13). Ariana Grande played the role of the voice student Cat Valentine and the show got so famous that she even got to star in the spinoff Sam & Cat. At the same time, she had started pursuing a career as a recording artist which eventually paid off with her hit singles. She is now a successful and one of the most famous pop stars, known worldwide.

Tom Hanks and his successful (twitter) career

tom hanks forrest gump
Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump

While Tom Hanks is certainly very popular in Hollywood and most famous for starring in Forrest Gump as Forrest Gump himself, many people forget that he started out his career on TV with the show Bosom Buddies.

Now, well known amongst the audience, Hanks is an Academy Award winner and not just that but also a producer, writer, and director. He is also famous on Twitter for his adorable tweets and antics and quite simply put, the people love him.


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