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TV Villains With So Epic Origin Stories They Deserve A Solo Movie

The role of the villain is as important as that of the Superhero. After all, it is the struggle between the protagonist and the antagonist that goes on to make a great film! However, more often than not, it is the Superheroes that get the limelight, and films are centered around them. The character of the villain seldom gets the attention it deserves. Audiences are relatively mature now and filmmakers need to pivot to exploring the stories of villains. After all, it is the antics and chaos of villains that are fought by the heroes. Without the villains, heroes would be without a job! Further, villains usually have a fascinating origin story behind them. These make for a great premise for a movie. In this light, today we do the bidding of the antagonists and list villains with great origin stories that deserve a solo movie!


1. Lex Luthor

Villains that deserve a solo movie
Lex Luthor

One of the oldest characters on this list, he was the chief antagonist of Superman early in the series. His origin story would be quite interesting to explore and depict in a solo movie. The creation and operation of lex Corporation would make for an interesting premise. Further, his obsessive hatred for Superman and the reasons for the same could explode in depth. Finally, his evil character and the reasons thereof remain unexplored and the said movie could explore the same.

2. Darth Vader

Villains that deserve a solo movie
Darth Vader

The original Dark Lord of the Star Wars Universe deserves a special mention. For he is one of the most menacing and evil on this list. His origin story would be very interesting to explore and his character would make a great premise for a solo movie. He remains one of the most interesting antagonists and this justifies making a solo movie about him.

3. Magneto

Villains that deserve a solo movie

Of all the characters on this list, Magneto has the most emotional and deep stories. He was a holocaust survivor and was determined to avoid the same fate for his fellow beings. Magneto is one of the most important characters in X Men and deserves a more in-depth dive into his story. His character has been given a lot of attention by writers and would make for a solid central pillar of a dedicated movie.

4. The Penguin

Villains that deserve a solo movie
The Penguin

The Penguins are locked in a struggle with Batman since 1941. He is one of the most feared and fascinating antagonists in the Batman Universe. He is often ranked as one of the most prominent villains in the DC Universe and would make for a great central character in a solo movie exploring his origin story.

5. Voldemort

Villains that deserve a solo movie
Lord Voldemort

Tom riddles’ origin story was explored in the Harry Potter movies to some depth. Certainly, Lord Voldemort’s character remains one of the most prominent ones in the whole franchise. Building on the same, a great and fascinating movie can be made on the early story of Tom riddle and how he went on to become the dark lord himself. The dark lord was a particularly fearsome antagonist and enjoys huge popularity already.

Written by Angad Singh

Lawyer, news junkie and about a dozen other things.