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Twist In The Tale: 10 Movies Fans Are Still Angry At For Giving Away The Twist Right At The Start

Movie-buffs love a good twist. But sometimes they take it a bit too far. Sometimes the twist was visible from miles away.

The Prestige Had Already Foreshadowed The Twin Brother Twist

In the Christopher Nolan movie, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale play two rival magicians. The former is trying to unravel the secrets to Bale’s “Transported Man” Illusion. Later in the movie, we see the man that is Alfred Borden is played by two identical brothers. This twist was hinted at much earlier in the movie when Bale’s character does a similar trick using two identical birds.

Shutter Island Teased Aule’s Lack Of Law Enforcement Training

The movie takes DiCaprio to a mental asylum in an isolated location. There he intends to investigate the disappearance of a patient. Things do not seem what they look like from the very beginning. But the big twist that the MC is in fact a patient is also hinted at early on. Both the ‘officers’ do not follow protocol. Chuck Aule fails to upholster his weapon correctly. This was all subtle foreshadowing.

Run Had Already Shown Diane Lost Her Child In The Opening Scene

One of the greatest psychological thrillers of recent times, Run tells the tale of a delusional mother and a girl she takes hostage as her daughter. The twist comes halfway through the movie. But the opening scene had hinted that Diane Sherman lost her newborn child. So whose saw as ‘Chloe’ was not actually her.

Fight Club Has The Narrator Give Away The Plot Twist

The narrator states early on – “When you’re suffering from insomnia, nothing’s really real.” Also, a bunch of people from Project Mayhem already know who the narrator is despite the latter’s no recollection of meeting them before.

Skyfall Teases M Is Going To Die

Judi Dench’s name came at the centerpiece in the opening scene, in front of several tombstones. Dench was associated with the James Bond franchise before Craig joined the series. So the tribute was apt. But it did spoil half the fun for the people who noticed her name.

Saving Private Ryan’s Opening Scene Reveals Who Lives & Who Dies

The movie opens with an old man walking towards the graves of his fallen friends at the Normandy American Cemetery. The camera then pans out to show the D-Day invasion, with Tom Hanks face the first thing we see. This made us think the old man is Tom Hanks. But eagle-eyed fans noticed the old man is wearing the 101st Airborne Division pin. The old man is Tim Miller. Tom Hanks and his pals were all Army Rangers.

Gran Torino – Kowalski’s Journey Was Teased Through A Horoscope

\In an early scene, Walt Kowalski reads his horoscope to his dog. It says – “Your birthday today… this year, you have to make a choice between two life paths. Second chances come your way. Extraordinary events culminate in what might seem to be an anti-climax.” Coincidentally, that is exactly how things happen in the movie.

The Irishman Foreshadowed Hoffa’s Murder

In De Niro‘s Sheeran’s opening monologue, we see him explaining what “painting houses” means. Then he goes on to paint someone’s wall with somebody’s brains. This was just an obscured, close-up shot of Sheeran calling Union Boss Jimmy Hoffa.

Shaun Of The Dead accidentally Explained The Whole Plot

Ed tells Shaun this: “We’ll have a Bloody Mary first thing, a bite at the King’s Head, couple at the Little Princess, stagger back here, and bang, back at the bar for shots.” The movie happens exactly in the same manner.

The Sixth Sense Shows Only Cole Talking To Crowe Throughout The Movie

The movie cleverly tries hiding the fact that Dr. Crowe is himself a ghost. But fans had already started noticing that despite Crowe being in a crowd of people, only Cole seemed to respond to his voice.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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