Twitter HR Forced to Create ‘Accidental Termination’ Category to Rehire Employees after Elon Musk Fired Too Many By Mistake

Elon Musk Fired Too Many By Mistake
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As 2022 comes to a close, Twitter HQ, currently under Elon Musk’s leadership has been facing some problems with the human aspect of its corporate advancement. The social media juggernaut in the past two months has already grabbed the world’s attention following its unconventional approach toward promoting free speech and allowing back platform access to several accounts that were previously suspended, put on hold, or banned following reports of hate speech or propagating dangerous and/or negative sentiments.


With controversies taking shape left, right, and center, Twitter now grabs the headlines in a brand new comical showdown involving its dwindling employee numbers.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

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Twitter Forced to Hire Back Employees After Termination

Elon Musk’s latest experiment with the bird app has gone horribly sideways after the CEO in a show of strength laid off almost half the company’s workforce in early November. Most of those who weren’t fired soon resigned and quit their jobs at Twitter after the controversial leadership of the Tesla owner went against the ethical qualms of his employees. Almost a month after reports regarding landslide terminations began flooding in, Twitter’s skeletal crew that has been holding the company together over the past few weeks now seems to be finally getting their office mates back in the bullpen.

Twitter exodus leaves Elon Musk knee deep in trouble
Twitter exodus leaves Elon Musk knee-deep in trouble

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In recent news, Twitter’s Human Resources division has apparently been forced to create an entirely new category that states “accidental termination” as a cause to re-hire employees who are now needed for the proper functioning of the company. Elon Musk had earlier defended his move to expel almost 3700 of his employees amid reports of losing $4 million a day. But it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that the move to re-hire employees comes after his investment recently underwent threats of permanently going offline while the platform users began to mass migrate to other apps like Mastodon and Hive Social in the past several days.


Elon Musk’s Investment Proves More Trouble Than It’s Worth

The SpaceX owner, businessman, and entrepreneur rose to power after his excellent business choices and crucial recognition of profitable opportunities. However, the brash gamble that Elon Musk had placed on Twitter’s ownership underwent a spectacle worthy of a business mockumentary and a case study on when to concede when it comes to billion-dollar investments. But given the wealth of experience that Musk has shown in his previous endeavors, the public had outvoted those who were skeptical of the South African billionaire moving forward with Twitter.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk seeks to hire back employees under accidental termination clause

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After the recent onslaught of negative criticism, backlash, and boycott, Twitter has paradoxically been one of the busiest and most talked about platforms compared to its hibernating past. But with each promotional tactic being more outrageous than the next, it has become significantly worse for the company’s investors to stay on board and facilitate the platform. Musk’s excellent legal counsel has saved the company once already in the aftermath of the blue-tick scandal that tanked a major pharma company’s stock market value overnight.


After the rocky stumble at the start, however, it now appears as if Musk is slowly learning the ropes of how to run a social media giant (which drastically differs from a technological industry devoted to manufacturing electric cars or space rockets).

Source: Business Insider


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