“Two apex predators competing for parts”: Fans Come Up with a Theory Why Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise Never Shared the Silver Screen

"Two apex predators competing for parts": Fans Come Up with a Theory Why Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise Never Shared the Silver Screen
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Although the late 80s and the early ’90s of Hollywood were a soft era filled with heartthrobs, no one created more buzz than Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio. It has always been a pleasure for audiences to witness the 90s Hollywood moguls on screen delivering blockbusters and acquiring global fame. But somewhere in their heart, fans have always desired a collaboration between the two actors.

Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio
Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio

No matter how much fans try to manifest their heart’s desire to come true, it seems the 90s Hollywood heartthrobs, Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio aren’t willing to share the silver screen. Over decades of their career in the entertainment industry, fans do not recall a single movie featuring the competitive duo. Thus, after years of analyzing, fans have come up with theories stating why Cruise and DiCaprio won’t share the screen. 

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Tom Cruise And Leonardo DiCaprio Never Shared The Screen

Achieving success and spotlight early on in their career, Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio both rose to prominence with their exceptional performance in the 90s. While Cruise attained global fame with his breakthrough role in Top Gun, DiCaprio earned his success through his classic hit Titanic

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise became an action star

Ever since Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio engaged in their career-altering projects, the duo set out to explore completely different career trajectories. While one set out to earn the reputation of an action hero, the other became one of the most versatile actors in the industry. 

Leonardo DiCaprio
DiCaprio became a versatile Hollywood actor

Although both of them enjoyed their growth and success in the entertainment industry, neither of them ever pursued the other for a collaboration. While fans have been dying to witness the duo sharing the silver screen, it seems to be a far-fetched wish for the audiences. Thus, fans seem to have come up with bizarre theories suggesting why Cruise and DiCaprio won’t work together.  


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Fan Theories Suggest Why The Duo Never Worked Together 

Starting a debate on Quora, fans came up with their theories and reasons suggesting why the Hollywood heartthrobs won’t satisfy their fans’ desires. Discussing how their assumptions took birth from the actors’ respective profiles, fans believe their professional paths should have collided once. 

Leonardo DiCaprio
Cruise and DiCaprio never shared the screen

However, since the duo successfully refrained from sharing the screen, fans came up with the theory that their Hollywood status is something that might be keeping them away. Mentioning that Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise are just too big to collaborate, fans claimed their Hollywood status became their competition. 


I’d argue Cruise and DiCaprio function as professional adversaries, two apex predators competing for parts under increasingly converging niches. And frankly, they seem to know it.”

Leonardo DiCaprio
Fans gave theories why the duo never worked together

Backing up their argument by claiming that two competitors can never work together, fans recalled when DiCaprio nearly lost his role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to Cruise. Thus, ending their theory by simply stating that Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio are better off collaborating with other actors than each other, fans rested their case. 

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