Ubisoft Forward 2024: If You Still Haven’t Jumped Into XDefiant, Now Could Be the Perfect Time

The first season of the game is about to begin.


  • The Ubisoft Forward presented various new games, including the first official season of XDefiant.
  • This will include the addition of a never-before-seen faction and will be available starting in July.
  • Additionally, the studio confirmed that it will be adding new maps in the coming months.
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The Ubisoft Forward presented several new developments among the studio’s IPs. One of the major trailers revealed the first official season of XDefiant. Following the trailer for Star Wars Outlaws, the first-person action game introduced what will be a new playable faction, in addition to the plans for Season 1, which will officially launch in July. 


The trailer for this free-to-play game revealed that the studio will unveil countless maps in the upcoming months, as well as adding a new classic mode that is very popular in this genre.

Ubisoft Forward and the Confirmation of the First Official Season of XDefiant

XDefiant revealed that July 2 will be the release of the first season.
XDefiant revealed that July 2 will be the release date of the first season.

The event, which will finally close the Summer Game Fest, gave us countless new updates about upcoming projects for this company. The Ubisoft Forward presented new gameplay with confirmation once again of the release date for Star Wars Outlaws, in addition to countless updates on the Prince of Persia saga. Another revelation was that XDefiant will officially launch its first season of content, adding many new features to the gaming experience.


The company introduced a new faction, the GSK, to the game with a new and fast-paced trailer. This new faction will have its own technologically superior equipment to help players avoid unnecessary deaths and grenade attacks.

XDefiant: Season One Reveal | Ubisoft Forward

Additionally, the studio confirmed that in the coming months, it will add various new maps to the free-to-play game, so players can have more places to try.


The Official Release Date for the First Season Has Been Revealed

The Ubisoft Forward released a new trailer of this content.
Ubisoft Forward released a new trailer of this content.

Ubisoft confirmed that the first season of XDefiant will be available on July 2 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. The preview showed that the studio will add one new map per month, having already revealed three of the upcoming available maps. Additionally, the title will soon introduce a new game mode, the popular Capture the Flag, which will also be part of this first official season.

In other news, the company talked about Prince of Persia’s future with a complete remake of The Sands of Time for 2026. The company also mentioned other games, such as The Crew Motorfest and new content for Avatar, among others. This was the final official event of the incredible Summer Game Fest, featuring numerous updates about the gaming industry. The fans were very happy with these events, especially with the Xbox Games Showcase.

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