Ultra Ego: Unknown Facts About Vegeta’s Latest Form That Beats Goku’s Ultra Instinct By A Mile

Dragon Ball Super has finally given Vegeta the technique – Ultra Ego, which allow shim to surpass Goku. Here are some Ultra Ego facts you never knew.

Ultra Ego Is Vegeta’s Strongest Transformation

Ultra Ego Vegeta

Ever since the Tournament of Power gave Goku the Ultra Instinct form, fans have been itching to see Vegeta surpass his eternal rival. Vegeta already has the Advanced Super Saiyan Blue State that gives him Godlike power. But Ultra Ego takes things to a whole new level. Vegeta had been prepping himself to make his own path rather than just play catch-up with Goku. Ultra Ego is the final culmination of his struggler, helping him break into an entirely untapped plateau of power.

It Is The Opposite Of Ultra Instinct

Goku vs. Vegeta

Goku and Vegeta’s relationship has only blossomed in Dragon Ball Super. And Ultra Ego is actually testament to that rivalry and dynamic. Goku’s Ultra Instinct helps level up the Saiyan. Ultra Ego does the same for Vegeta. But the two fighting styles are the inverse of each other. The philosophy and ideals of this form are the polar opposite of Ultra Instinct.

Ultra Ego Is Every God Of Destructions’ Signature Technique

Vegeta vs. Granolah

Goku and Vegeta took to different masters to train themselves and become stronger in Dragon Ball Super. Goku became the pupil of Whis and Vegeta went to train under Beerus, the God of Destruction of the Dragon Ball Universe itself. Beerus was the one who instructed the Saiyan Prince on how to unlock this form. He also claims that every God of Destruction uses it as their trademark offensive ability.

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There Is A Painful Physical Transformation

Vegeta – Transformed

Ultra Ego, like Ultra Instinct, comes with a visible physical transformation. Ultra Instinct gives Goku the signature silver-white aura and the white hair and a change in eye color. Vegeta’s physical transformation is a lot more intimidating. Vegeta loses his eyebrows and the violent aura change makes him look like a Super Saiyan 3 but without the long hair. The transformation is also much more painful than Ultra Instinct.

Easier To Teach Than Ultra Instinct

Easier To Teach

Ultra Instinct is a technique that is not capable of being learnt by mere mortals. When Goku unlocked his initial Ultra Instinct form, it was more or less a fluke. His body went through a lot of damage and he would have lost had he not accidentally unlocked this form. Ultra Ego on the other hand, can be taught to others. Vegeta managed to go down this route and nail it because this new form is more intentional in nature and can be triggered voluntarily.

Like Ultra Instinct, Ultra Ego Too Has Many Forms

Multiple Forms

During his fight with Jiren, Goku only used initial stages of Ultra Instinct. During his fight with Moro, Goku unlocked a deeper, more stable and powerful version of the technique. Then he steadily climbs that ladder to reach the very zenith of Ultra Instinct. Since Ultra ego is also a technique of the Gods, there is a high probability it too has multiple tiers. Vegeta just might be able to unlock an even greater power level with this new technique.

Ultra Instinct Is About Avoiding Damage While Ultra Ego Is about Embracing It

Embrace The Pain

Ultra Instinct is a technique of grace and poise. By eliminating all thoughts of self and emotion, you let your body be effortlessly guided by pure intuition. This Zen level of calmness allows Goku to predict enemy attacks and avoid or prevent them before they happen. Vegeta’s new form is the opposite. In this form, Vegeta allows his body to take as many hits as possible. The more damage he takes, the more in pain he is and the stronger he becomes.

It May Give Vegeta New Techniques Unlike Goku’s Ultra Instinct

Vegeta Unleashed

While Goku’s Ultra Instinct does not come with its signature techniques, that may not be the case for Vegeta’s new form. Vegeta debuted the Sphere of Destruction technique during his fight with Granolah. It is implied that this is somehow linked to Vegeta’s training under Beerus that helped him learn this technique. Similarly many more Ultra-Ego related techniques could be unleashed in Dragon Ball‘s future chapters.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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