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Uncharted Set Photos Reveal Mark Wahlberg Alongside Tom Holland

Uncharted Set Photos Reveal Mark Wahlberg Alongside Tom Holland

As popular video games are finding their way to the silver screen, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s critically acclaimed Uncharted is the latest addition to the series of video games lined-up for production. Despite popular video games having a dubious history when it comes to film adaptations, Uncharted has still managed to become one of the most anticipated movies of 2021.

Joining Tom Holland in Uncharted will be veteran actor Antonio Banderas, Sophia Taylor Ali, and Tati Gabrielle. A renowned actor, Antonio Banderas won an Academy Award nomination in 2019 for Pain and Glory. Fans of Grey’s Anatomy would be familiar with Sophia Taylor Ali as she played the role of Dr. Dahlia Qadri in the show. New entrant Tati Gabrielle has already been making waves as an actor for her roles in The 100Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and The Owl House.

Uncharted Set Photos

As one of the integral characters of Uncharted, the actor who would be playing the role of Victor Sullivan was much anticipated. Confirming FandomWire’s scoop from February 2020, actor Mark Wahlberg has been spotted alongside Tom Holland in Berlin during the shooting of Uncharted.

Check out the set photos below:

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The Academy Award nominee actor joining the cast of Uncharted is a major revelation. Mark Wahlberg’s tough persona and contagious personality would be a perfect match for Victor Sullivan. Tom Holland’s casting as Nathan Drake was met with criticism when it was first announced. However, the movie would be exploring the origins, which explains a much younger Nathan Drake.

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Details About The Upcoming Movie

According to Sony Pictures, Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake has the potential to live up to the expectations of the fans of the universally acclaimed video-game franchise. Check out synopsis below:

An archaeologist and treasure hunter with “muscles, not the kind you get from the gym, but from dodging bullets.” His parents believed they were descendants of Sir Francis Drake, a famous archaeologist and discoverer of El Dorado, a belief that Drake doesn’t share. Regardless, his parent’s legacy gets him sucked into a race against a ruthless criminal to discover El Dorado.

The Uncharted film will also introduce audiences to a new villain named Johnson. Not seen in any of the games this character is described as being intimidating, tough with superior physical skills, and a charm that can mask a darker, menacing side. Other classic Uncharted characters that are expected to appear are Eddy Raja, Gabriel Roman, Cutter, and Atoq Navarro. Nathan’s parents are also expected to make some sort of appearance in the movie.

Days ago, Tom Holland went live from the sets of Uncharted to show how excited he was for the upcoming movie. As the shooting for Uncharted has begun despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the movie is slated to be released on July 16, 2021.

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