Underrated Superpowers That Are Worthy Of Respect


Underrated; that’s a word that’s rarely used today among comic book fans and rightfully so. Just about everything is considered overrated, but this article is here to challenge such a viewpoint. For all the good and bad guys that have kickass powers, yet nobody bats an eye. Here’s to all the redhead step-children of superpowers. No more stalling because these are Underrated Superpowers That Are Worthy Of Respect.

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1.) Cartoon Physics:
The Mask Underrated Powers


Cartoon Physics would be the most fun of all the superpowers to harness. The ability to be a living breathing Looney Tunes character is a childhood fantasy come true. I can make myself ridiculously tall by stretching out my legs like taffy or whip out absurd amounts of weapons from thin air. With cartoon physics, the user re-writes laws of physics in whichever universe they live in.

2.) Digestive Black Hole/Jaws Of Steel:
Homer Underrated Powers


There was only one man in human history that was close to possessing such a superpower. His name was Tarrare, and this man could eat! He was never satisfied, never full, he ate live eels, devoured an entire cat, stuffing piles of garbage down his throat, and much more. Now imagine you could do all that but besides eating eels for cash; instead, you can bite through Wolverine’s adamantium with ease. Digest it with little to no problem. It’s an amazing power that’ll also come in handy to win money in food eating competitions.

3.) Technokinesis (Control All Technology):
Cyborg Underrated Powers


A superpower that needs to be explored more in comics and movies. This is why Cyborg earns my respect with one of the coolest powers and one of the most underrated. Whoever has this power can technically control the world. Let that sink in.

4.) Reactive Evolution:
Darwin Underrated Powers


Darwin in X-Men: First Class is treated so unjustly in that movie that fans missed out on an incredible character and superpower. Possessing the ability for one’s body to adapt to any situation on its own. Fear of drowning? Don’t worry your body will grow gills. House is on fire, all good because your skin will be fireproof. The ability to see in the dark when the lights go out. Whatever the situation it is the body adapts to keep the person alive at all times.

5.) Vertigo/Headache Manipulation:
Vertigo Underrated Powers


Vertigo is a swirling, dizzy sensation and unbalance. Imagine the room constantly spinning and imagine having the ability to cause such an effect upon as many people around you. While throwing in the power to give others migraines, yikes!

6.) Sonic Scream/Hearing Manipulation:
Black Canary


One change in pitch of one’s voice could burst eardrums and level an enure city. Then there’s the power to create an absence of sound around yourself and others close by. A perfect superpower for espionage.

7.) Species Communication:


Aquaman truly gets the brunt of jokes on his ability to “talk to fish”, but it’s actually sweet! Aquaman doesn’t technically talk to sea life. He can communicate through telepathy and sonar to persuade them in a sense. Well, since he is King of the seven seas so it doesn’t take a lot of persuading, but imagine having the ability to communicate to all matters of life effortlessly. Insects, mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians, demons, and intergalactic species.

8.) Little Angel Pheromone:
Little Angel


This is hands down the dark horse on this list. A superpower where the human body releases a unique pheromone when in danger or tense altercations that relaxes the aggressor. At the same time having the aggressor view the person as harmless, in return makes them not want to cause any harm towards them. Always keeping the peace wherever you go.

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