If Not for Unity Game Engine Issues, Palworld Would Have Had Some Seriously Incredible Features

Palworld could have had fantastic features if not for the game engine shift from Unity to Unreal Engine.

If Not for Unity Game Engine Issues, Palworld Would Have Had Some Seriously Incredible Features


  • Palworld missed out on a host of features as developers had to shift from Unity to Unreal Engine.
  • Along with different Pal mechanics, the game also had a plenty of other in game features that are missing currently.
  • Whether these features will make it to Palworld remains to be seen as developers have not yet released any statement on the same.
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Palworld is a sensation among gamers and has already recorded the second-highest concurrent player count in the history of Steam. However, Takuro Mizobe’s blog post regarding the release of Palworld outlines why the developers had no hope of success at all.


Apparently, the developers shifted from Unity to Unreal Engine mid-game and had to rebuild everything from scratch. This shift was made necessary as a veteran game developer joined the team who only knew how to work on Unreal Engine.

This led to a host of pre-planned features being cut out of the game in order to release it without further delay.


Palworld Features That Were in Trailers but Not in Game

Palworld Pals staring down

The old trailers of Palworld featured a lot of things that were not in the game. Here, we have compiled a list of all the features that were in the trailer but not in the game.

This post on Reddit by a fan lists 20 different features that did not make it to the game. And, truth be told, some of them look pretty fun.

  • A rideable cart pulled by a couple of Direhowls.
  • Advanced Pengulet building system
  • Shearing Lambals to obtain wool.
  • Using Mozzarina to mow wheat.
  • Giving belly rubs to Direhowls.
  • A transportation cage for Pals.
  • A sniper rifle with a scope.
  • An immobilizing lasso to capture Pals.
  • Fishing with Jolthog.

Apart from this, there were ships in the ocean, a magnificent Sky Kingdom, beautiful architecture styles, a battle arena for Pals, good gardening mechanics, building a rocket, and a host of other features that did not make it to Palworld.


Will These Features Make it to Palworld?

A player and their Pal building a base

There is no news yet regarding the features making it to Palworld. Fans have been quick to question the authenticity of these ‘old features’ as they drew parallels between No Man’s Sky, which released a bunch of cinegraphics during trailer releases and completely failed to deliver them at launch.

Are you sure this is old content and not just cinegraphics?

The pengulet building system for example is great as a cinegraphic, but pretty useless on gameplay. – maxguide5

Fans also pointed out a number of other features that are in the game files but do not reflect in the game. This has led to fans speculating whether these features will be activated in some future updates, including a number of unreleased Pals.

But whether these updates make it to the game remains to be seen. The developers have not yet released any statement regarding these features, and so far, it is all speculation.


So far, Palworld has captured gamers’ hearts with his immersive open-world survival mechanics and cute Pals. But we have to be honest; some of these uncovered features feel like they should be introduced in the game. Fans can only hope that the developers will release at least some of these in the upcoming updates.

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