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Universal Reportedly Making a ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ Live Action Remake

Universal Reportedly Making a 'How To Train Your Dragon' Live Action Remake

Ever since the dawn of animated features became the mainstream media, Disney Pixar studios have been leading the race in 3D animated films with very little competition. Thus, when Dreamwork’s How To Train Your Dragon was released in 2010, people were surprised and impressed at how wonderful and praiseworthy Universal Studio’s work was, not just the animation quality, but also the plot of the film.

A still from How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
A still from How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

And after delivering a super successful trilogy about Hiccup and Toothless’ adventures within Berk and beyond, the story was concluded, or so we thought. With recent reports now flying in, it has come to light that Universal is all set to bring the magic of the animations into the real world with the live-action remake of the film.

How To Train Your Dragon Will Me Remade Into A Live-Action Adventure!

A still from How to Train Your Dragon
A still from How to Train Your Dragon

With the debut of the first film of the franchise, How to Train Your Dragon instantly starts to build up the franchise by introducing a meek protagonist named Hiccup, who is blessed with brains but lacks in brawn, something that is needed to survive in the biking village of Berk, where the biggest threat to life is dragons. Here, he meets Toothless, a dragon that is the last of its breed, who gets help from Hiccup, starting a friendship that will last a lifetime. The premise was simple, but the execution of the plot and emotional connection were impactful.

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And following the success of the franchise, which now sits with a combined box-office collection of $1.6 Billion, Universal Studios has decided to bring the animated masterpiece into the real world as reports of a live-action remake of the film started to surface. After an inside source named Daniel Richtman debriefed about the current happenings of the industry on his Patreon, he also added that there have been developments at Universal to make a live-action remake of the film. He said:

“Dean Deblois writing and directing a live action version of How to Train Your Dragon for Universal.”

Thus, fans of the franchise are excited to look at what the remake would offer, and how it would tackle the transition from animation to live-action would bring to the film.

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What To Expect From The Live-Action Version?

Jay Baruchel and Toothless in a promotion video
Jay Baruchel and Toothless in a promotion video

As of this moment, there is no clear indication of whether Universal Studios will go through with its decision or not, and neither are the dates nor even the cast that will play the characters from its animated counterparts. But apart from that, what we can expect are two things that the direction of the film. First, it could either be a comical narration with the direction that will follow its lead, or it will contain some of its darker tones seeing as it will be a perfect movie considering its live-action nature.

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How to Train Your Dragon, now streaming on Netflix.

Source:  Daniel Richtman

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